Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …….. 9…. (if you belong to a good family background…)

Once in the evening (about 13 years ago), i was standing on the ground floor of a multi-story commercial building (at wahdat road Lahore) very near to a video games shop with my friends. My friends met after a gap of one year and we were discussing our experiences of last year. Suddenly, the owner of the video games came outside the shop and stood closer to us. He asked us that “have you seen three kids of age around 17 or 18 coming out of his shop?”… We replied, “No Sir…We didn’t noticed or seen“. The shop owner informed that those teen age boys were playing video games in his shop and have broken one part of the control stick which is used to play video games. Those boys ran away from his shop and didn’t informed him about the broken stick. He then said a sentence which is very important for all of us to notice and think over;

“If those boys belonged to a good family background then they could have paid me money for my loss and not had ran away like this”

The above sentence indicates you that how important moral ethics are and what role do family as well as educational background play to make human as a real human.

Good family background means that your fore-fathers were educated, got a good position and reputation in the society, ethically renowned, never done fraud with anyone, never misled anyone, with no bad character and people recognize you because of your families good nature, moral ethics and excellent past work. This is what each generation carry forward (the good reputation of their fore-fathers) and it become part of their own gene that even if they wanted to do any bad wok / fraud / sin then that gene came inside them by travelling from their fore-fathers would surely stop from acting or committing any sin / fraud etc and persuade them to do the good and sustain that honor.

One of the morals given through “Raja Kidh” written by Bano Qudsia (Famous Urdu Novel Writer and wife of Late Ashfaq Ahmed) that if you do one wrong thing or commit a single sin in your life of whatever nature then that sin will become of your gene and will travel to all generation till the final judgement day. It means that if you have committed a sin in your life or have done wrong / bad act with others then all your up-coming generations will do the same and repeat committing that sin till the appearance final man of your family on this planet earth.

The sentence of that shop keeper realize us that there is an immense importance of good training given by the family to the young ones and how well they have prepared them to act on moral ethics of society and of a nation. The shop keeper basically blamed family and fore-fathers of those kids that they didn’t well trained these kids.

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When you feel ashamed of talking / writing in national language

The links between national culture, language, and thought have long been the focus of philosophers, anthropologists and linguists’ attention. Just like culture can be defined in a variety of ways, language covers various aspects of verbal communication. Its most commonly considered facet in relation with national culture is the language spoken by a nation.

When the British Government took over every thing after winning the war of 1857 in Indo-Pak Subcontinent (currently India & Pakistan), it was their utmost effort to introduce English in all schools, colleges along with the literature in order of have loyal workers to full fill the administrative work. So many resisted and other people who wanted to gain positions in the British Colonial Empire started learning English language.

After creation of Pakistan in 1947 till now , governments introduced numerous educational policies and tried to highlight the national language i.e. Urdu but English got the most important place in all circles. Because;

  • We unable to come out of the British Era
  • English as a global language
  • Influence of USA as a powerful nation
  • Literature / academia books either of Business, Philosophy, Medical Science, Engineering, Social Science etc are only found in English language
  • In all job interviews, either of CSS (for selecting top Government officials) or Business circle (Multinational Companies), if you cant speak English language, you neither get the job nor considered as a highly educated person
  • etc

Language is considered as a identity of any nation but the worst situation comes when the young generation consider it as boring, powerless and feel ashamed of speaking or writing. This is what happening in many circles in Pakistan these days. I remember when i asked my cousin that had he prepared and ready for Urdu Language paper for 10th and 12th Grade, he replied “i dont care about Urdu language and never given it any importance….I will easily clear the exam and get good marks in it without even studying much“. Students take evening tuition of all subjects but there is hardly a single teacher teaching Urdu anywhere in Lahore. In My times, Only one teacher Dr. Shahbhi-Ul-Hassan of FC Coolege-Lahore used to teach Urdu in a evening tuition center (Riwaz Academy).

In my current university (where i am studying these days), I found that many students feel ashamed to talk or write in Urdu Language except in the graduation classes where Urdu Language is necessary for 3 Credit Hours as per the degree requirement of Government. A day before writing this article, I was walking with my class fellows and when i used the simple word “Madniat” means Minerals in English language, the student literary said “What is Madniat”…the other student replied with translating it as “Minerals”.

Many feel ashamed to use Urdu mathematical counting. In elite class, English is used to communicate with in the house or outside between parents with children’s or among the siblings and friends. Even Government under Shahbaz Sharif announced that English will be used in all government schools of Punjab instead of Urdu. It means that the even Government wont have a trust and confidence in own language. Whereas, India where Hindi is a national language but Indian Bollywood movies and songs use Urdu Language as a mode of communication with audience and call it as Hindi…..hehehehehe

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Real Leaders of the World….

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For Parents…….

I was puzzled either to write this controversial issue on wordpress or not but then decided to write it. I am not sure that i may be able to express what i want to and how many of you will try to understand this. I request that when you start reading, then consider yourself as a parent to a daughter even if you are not married or in an early age. Also, when you or anyone will read these below lines and think during my life or after would might consider it an assumption, very important and some may not give it any single importance.

This issue on which i will write below is very important for the parents of girls in Pakistan and India even i consider it important for all the parents in the world. One day, you and i will become parent of daughters.

I start by putting up an example in a form of question to Parents:

Just consider that you are a farmer and God has gifted you a fruit (orange or apple etc). This fruit is highly important for you because after a hard work, you got this (fruit). You protect this fruit from everyone 24 hours in a day so that no body can get near to it nor can touch uptil its sale. The reason is that if this fruit is being touched or used by anyone (who don’t have the right to touch) before selling to the right consumer, not only fruit will be destroyed but also it would ruin your efforts, honor as well as destruct you psychologically and physically too (because of strong affiliation with this fruit). Now, suppose you give this fruit to someone for specific hours in a day with a high trust in him that he will take care of this fruit as you do and return it back in the same position. However, someone not only touch it but get some juice from this fruit and neither you know it nor the person whom you trusted to take care of this fruit for certain hours. It was a duty of that person to take care of your fruit but he showed negligence and fruit was being used and took out its main juice. Also, it was your negligence that why you didn’t checked that the person whom you trusted is properly protecting it or not.

In Pakistan and India, protection of this fruit is considered as highly important then rest of the world. In simple words,

Parents are the farmers and daughters are their fruits and the person whom parents trust is either school/colleges or Universities. In school / colleges / universities, Principals / Vice Chancellors / Deans / Administration are responsible for the protection of fruit i.e. girls /  daughters.”

But in some of the schools and universities majorly include high class ones, this  fruit is not been protected as the parents want and due to the negligence of administration as well as negligence of parents too, this fruit loose its value which is been required by the nature and instructed by God.

Pakistani or Indian society is different then that of USA or Europe. In
USA or Europe, having a boyfriend is not considered as a problem in any means and most girls loose honor in their teen age. May be even the parents at Europe or USA had faced similar situations when they were young and know it very well and some do not. Even then no parent in the world want that her daughter loose out honor before getting married.

Pakistani & Indian society is very cautious and conservative for this matter. Not only societal rules are extremely strong but also religious rules are more strict even then that of the societal rules for this subject i.e. either you are Muslim, Hindu, Christian or belong to any religion. Also, rules are somewhat relax in large urban cities then in small cities or rural areas up-til you have a boy friend but neither boy friend is allowed to touch the girl and still none of the parent want that her girl loose out honor before getting married. Even if parents are liberal and ready to marry their daughter with the person of her choice but still they wont allow her girl to enter into certain sexual relationship before marriage.

Purity of a girl is an important aspect in Pakistani & Indian Society before getting marriage. Purity means that she has never entered into any sexual relationship with a guy before marriage and even no one touched her in any means

But, i think that purity has started getting less since last 10 to 15 years or so most importantly in elite class where children’s go to elite schools or universities where boundaries between boy and girl friendship are rare or less (Please note that I am not at all blaming all persons ). This is due to the less check and balance by the parents on the daughters that what they are doing and where they are?..

Have you thought that why it is necessary for the parents to put strong check and balance over their daughters…Why…Why not they let them free in the entire world like their sons to do anything or go anywhere??

Please consider the following questions;

  • Have you ever thought either you live in Pakistan, India or any part of the world that why parents protect their daughters ?…
  • If you wont protect your daughters or do not maintain check over them and if you let them free to go any where or do any thing then what will happen ?…
  • Why the parents themselves always pick and drop their daughters in school / colleges / universities/ at the houses of their friends / dinners etc??…..
  • Why the protection is necessary only for the daughters but not for the male children’s? …
  • In the name of protection or care of daughters what is being protected by the parents ?….
  • Why parents or elders of the house or siblings are so cautious for their daughters / sisters ??…
  • What is a necessary thing for the females in this whole world??…
  • Is their any difference between a normal girl of our society / house and the girl who sell her body for money i.e. called and remembered with bad words?

The answer in my point of view and even in yours is that Parent in Pakistan / India protect the honor of their girls / daughters that they could not loose out their value or sell their bodies in the name of desire / sex / love like the professional red light area girls do.

The body of these girls is only reserved for the ones who become their husband after marriage and fathers of the children’s she gave birth too. Otherwise, there is no need for parents to maintain check and balance over their daughters or to protect them like body guards. Why not they let them free to do anything. If any one get to know that the girl whom he is getting married to has already lost the honor will never going to marry her. Inclination towards sex is natural among any age especially teen but in Pakistani or Indian society, loosing honor by the girls is considered as sin. Obviously, it has not only been forbidden in religious rules but also no rational society would ever think that their daughters jump into this before getting marriage which is a legal way. Even i consider that parents think the same in USA, Europe or any part of the world but there societal norms are not so strict and even they cannot stop too.

The basic purpose to put up this issue is that boys and girls as a student are using the space of schools / colleges / universities in loosing their honor where the administration of these institutions has been failed to put up check over the students that what they doing in their space or boundaries.

The think which inclined me to write this article was some recent incidents i witnessed and heard. This is happening mainly in high class universities / schools where majorly daughters of some elite class used to study or even the daughters of those middle class families where it is considered as a pride to study (please remember that i am not at all talking about all other educational institutes or all girl’s).

A recent case when a girl in the high class university student age around 19 or 20 (may be) lost honor to her boyfriend in a car at a car parking area. She belonged to a good family and her parents regularly pick and drop her but they wont know that the girl which they are protecting has already lost the significance value / honor and their protection efforts is of no worth. This is happening each day with the other girls too.

It was shocking to see and notice that parents drop and pick their daughters from these high class educational institutes themselves so that they (daughters) could not go with anyone else and do not loose the honor they are protecting but due to un-mature brain and age as well as high inclination towards love and sex…they loose it (not all but many). Parents live in the world of ignorance they have rightly protected their daughters and then they marry them with great pride whereas neither the parents know it nor the male person (husband to hat girl) that his wife is not pure and clean.

One thing that parents are not doing the check over the children’s. Furthermore, the ignorance of school / college / university administration towards checking what students are doing within their area is clearly a dishonesty towards the property handed over to them for specific hours by the parents. I noticed that guards of that elite university know it very well as their servant quarters were very close in proximity to the parking area but they were reluctant to notice what is happening over there.

The question arises what freedom is and what role do the parents play in upbringing the brain of these teens. Then who is responsible if this fruit looses honor before getting married…

Allah Almighty (God) has clearly stated rules in Holy Book “Quran” which is guidance for not only muslims but for all humanity

Surah Noor, verse No: 2 & 3…Allah says…
The woman and the man guilty of adultery or fornication,- flog each of them with a hundred stripes: Let not compassion move you in their case, in a matter prescribed by Allah, if ye believe in Allah and the Last Day: and let a party of the Believers witness their punishment”

“Let no man guilty of adultery or fornication marry and but a woman similarly guilty, or an Unbeliever: nor let any but such a man or an Unbeliever marry such a woman: to the Believers such a thing is forbidden”


Now, if you love Allah (God) and value his sayings and rules then you will follow them and save yourself from this activity which is called as sin. Allah (God) is the one who loves each human 70 times more then his/her own mother but to save the society and keep the morals, he has announced punishment for adultery without getting into a marriage with certain reasons. Even if you not believe in that and dont value as non-muslim then even all other religions has also forbidden such act to maintain the society. Teen age is such a age in which you unable to know what is wrong and what is right and it is the parents and elders who have to stop you from committing any sin and maintain the society norms.

If those who commit sin behind curtains think that they are secure and safe and no body have saw them committing sins will surely face the dire consequences on a final judgement day when all you body parts will speak about the activities you did in the world. However, Allah Almighty (God) is the only and most merciful in this whole universe. 

(Above writing is based on my perception, you may agree or not)

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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …….. 8 (Fight to get my right back…..)

Corruption is the misuse of public power either by elected politician or appointed civil servant for private gain. Corruption is a decay in the decision-making process in which a decision-maker consents to deviate or demands deviation from the criterion which should rule his or her decision-making, in exchange for a reward or for the promise or expectation of a reward, while these motives influencing his or her decision-making cannot be part of the justification of the decision.

I have recently faced a issue in which officials of Revenue Department Government of the Punjab i.e. Registrar Urban-1 and his Officials of Gujranwala city negligently / through corruption registered a Power of Attorney with my fake signs and thumb impression in the official record and then i lost ownership right (means someone else sold it illegally without my consent) my two kanal land.

I owned a 2 kanal (10890 sq ft) property / open land located about 1 km before Sialkot bypass Gujranwala city, Punjab-Pakistan which is now part of Gujranwala City and fall under Sadar Police. A local person with a name as “Mr. Shamshaad” very renowned for his fraud activities along with his cousin “Mr. Irshaad” appointed a Local Commission with the permission of Registrar Urban – 1 Gujranwala and made a Power of Attorney in his name with my fake signatures and thumb impression. Then, registered / process it legally in the office of Registrar Urban-1 Gujranwala. Here, you might not know who is Registrar and local Commission?….

  • Registrar is one high designated official appointed by the Government who is made responsible to register any Power of Attorney and legal transferable deeds like if you want to sell your land or house then you have to register it in the Registrar office by paying taxes and and writing it on the legal stamp paper.
  • Local commissionis made by the Registrar on the request of owner of property or who want to give Power of Attorney (to someone else to act or perform the same duties on his / her behalf). That Local Commission consists of a prominent lawyer (hired by Registrar office on a certain pay package) and a responsible regular person/official of Registrar office (who is also called an official / representative of Registrar) goes to the home of owner who want to give Power of Attorney to another person (because the person cant come to Registrar office because of illness / injury / age factor) and to get verification on the official registrar by seeing / verifying the National Identity Card (having picture and signature) of that person / owner that either it is the same or not and not other fraudulent is signing on his behalf on Power of Attorney because its a very important document.
  • Power of Attorney means that a owner of property / land etc is authorizing other person on his behalf by dedicating all his / her powers to sell the property, file suit in civil / criminal court / appear before any forum and record statement etc

That fraudulent whom i didn’t know and never met made the
Power of Attorney in his name with my fake signatures and thumb impression by giving bribe to the Local Commission and registered it in the Registrar Office – Urban 1, Gujranwala on 5th of May 2018. Then, after getting all approvals from Registrar, that fraudulent by using Power of Attorney sold out my two Kanals land to another person name Imran on 19th May 2018. Basically, Imran was also their own relative or friend. The objective of these fraudulent was to grab the land and fetch money from the owner in return of the land.

So, I was being deprived from my own legal right / property in only 15 days due to the negligence and corruption by the government officials of Registrar office Gujranwala 

I went to Capital Police Officer of Gujranwala City (Dr. Moeen Masud) on 4th August 2018 and he further directed S.H.O Aroop Town Police station
Gujranwala to conduct investigation. The S.H.O called the fraudulent in order to investigate from them and informed us that they are recorded criminals and they have done fraud with number of citizens. Furthermore, D.S.P Civil Lines (Naseem Nawaz) guide me that they can’t register F.I.R / case against government officials as per law and i have to contact Anti-Corruption Department in order to launch a criminal proceedings against them as well as against fraudulent. So, on 18th August 2018, i submitted application to Director Anti Corruption Gujranwala Region to take action against government officials of Registrar Urban 1 Gujranwala and those fraudulent group.

I appeared before Deputy Director Investigation (Anti-Corruption) every Saturday of the week for four consecutive months to plea my case. I used to travel 240 km each day of the week by taking leave from my job from Lahore to Gujranwala. I had always asked the Deputy Director Investigation and requested him on all appearances to send my signature and thumb impression to forensic laboratory to match them with the signs in Power of Attorney. If these signs and thumb impression does not match then take the action against those officials instead of lingering the case for too long. However, he didn’t listened to my request / suggestion. Whenever that Deputy Director Investigation (Anti Corruption) called / summoned the culprits (government officials) to bring all record in-front of him for examination but the government officials of Registrar office didn’t brought it and never appeared. Officials of Registrar office Gujranwala knew that they have done wrong / corruption and they could be caught any time. So, with that fear they especially Registrar (Highest Position of Registrar office) contacted those fraudulent (Mr. Shamshaad) and asked him to return the property to its real owner. When they didn’t listened to him, Registrar initiated F.I.R (Federal Investigation Report) in Civil Lines Police Station Gujranwala against the fraudulent in order to save their skin from any punishment from Anti-Corruption Department and by taking the plea that Registrar office officials were kept blind by the fraudulent about the real facts.

After facing strong pressure from the Registrar Office, the fraudulent returned my property by transferring it back into my name through a third person. (I mean there is a clause in the Law of Land in Pakistan that if you want to sell / transfer the property in another person name then presence of purchaser is not necessary and just you have to transfer it through hiring any second person and make the process). Just make it simple in understanding that i got my property back whereas i wanted to restore it in original position as it was before the fraud happened.

Deputy Director Investigation Gujranwala asked me that now you got your property back so what you want more. I told him that i want my property to be restored to its original position but not like this & this is a illegal / unproper way of transfer and it also means that fraudulents are right in their stance whereas i will be considered wrong or misleading which i do not want. I informed him that now you got each and every evidence which proves that Registrar office officials have done a severe negligence / corruption, so punish them. Deputy Director Investigation was reluctant to make any decision and refered the case to his boss who was at the position of Director. I and the members of my opposite party (corrupt government officials and fraudulent) was called to appear in the office of Director on 19 December 2018 at 11 am. When i went there, clerk informed that another Deputy Director (Legal) who is a head of a legal branch will hear the case and then he would take you and opposite party members to the office of Director Anti-Corruption Gujranwala Region for final decision of the case. But Deputy Director Legal was not in office and went to the Civil Court and didn’t returned till 3 pm. After a long await from 11 am to 3 pm, i went straight to the office of Director and requested him to hear the case and make decision. He ordered his official to bring up the file and asked both parties to wait outside for 20 minutes. He then call us to his room and asked me that what is a issue. I informed him the whole story. He then asked the guilty persons that how did you transferred the property. When the officials of Registrar office accepted their negligence, the Director Anti-Corruption ordered that they all should be arrested and case should be filed in the criminal court. I thanked God at that time that now these culprits will surely face trial and punishment of their mal-practice and corruption and whatever they did to me by taking off my property right for money. But even after the orders of Director Anti Corruption, F.I.R has not been registered due to the influence of those criminals till date. It seems through non-registration of F.I.R by Anti-Corruption Department that the organization established by the Government of the Punjab to punish corrupt government officials is also protecting them…….so more fight for the right is required to be put up by my side…..lets fight…

One thing is sure that if government officials of any department are honest then citizens will not face any issue and country will prosper as well as burden on courts will decease otherwise citizens has to fight to get his / her right back.

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To Stare or not to stare ….

Staring is a prolonged to a fixed look. In staring, one person is the continual focus of interest for a time. Staring can be interpreted as being either hostile, or the result of intense affection. Here, I am going to discuss about staring of a young male and female on each other. Staring of male on female is more common then that of female on male. In the law of many countries, corporate’s and universities staring is considered as unethical and offence. In the university (LUMS) where I currently study, it comes under sexual harassment. But, when female stare on the male, it hardly considered as harassment (hehehehe)….

The question is why someone stare and continuously watch. May be its because of his/her beauty, demand of love / friendship, would like to make him / her wife or husband, enter into a relationship etc etc. But I consider that who ever kept his / her eyes on other and continuously stare may not have a negative motive especially by males on females. Males have a tendency to be more inclined towards beauty of a female and thirst inside them may trigger their eyes and desire for a relationship. For this, females always take it negative and become complainant. When ever foreigners (white) arrives at Asia especially in India or Pakistan, people (male & female) watch them (foreigner females) with crazy eyes and these foreigner girls used to say ‘haven’t they saw any girl, yet“. They (males in Asia)  stare because each human has a great value for beauty and males always have a desire to get it in  their life.

Recently, one boy sitting next to me in the university was staring at a girl. The girl was sitting on the opposite side of him. Girl got furious and asked “why are you staring at me is there any issue…??”. He suddenly said “no no…, for nothing” and suddenly ran away (hehehehe). He may have desired to become her friend but due to shyness couldn’t been able to say.

It is important that we should understand the desire and requirement of other person in a positive way rather then making and considering it always negative. There are millions who can’t been able to say their desire with words except with eyes only. Humans are linked with humans.

If you don’t like others staring on you then don’t get annoyed too. Consider yourself a great value others are giving by staring at you.

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