Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …. 3

Following told by my Uncle;

One of my relative went to Samana town of Patiyala city in Punjab of India (about 2009-10) in order to see his house (he & his family used to live before 1947 – partition between India & Pakistan). He visited the streets where he played with his friends (now they are old) and houses in the neighborhood of his mansion.

At around 5:00 pm (evening), a car with a Govt. flag stopped near him. The person in the car belonged to a Sikh family was a on service honorable Judge in the High Court. That Honorable Judge introduced himself and inquired about the purpose of visit of my uncle. When he (Judge) came to know about the purpose of visit and mt uncle’s Pakistani origin, he took my uncle to his nearby home for having a cup of tea. He asked by Uncle to sit in the guest room for a while as he has to greet his mom first.

That Judge having an age of about 55 years went directly into the room where his mother was lying on the bed. He immediately put up his head on the foots of his mother and started massaging her legs. (My uncle was watching this seen as the room was just adjacent to the guestroom).

The mother of the Judge asked;

Bus kerday put….tu thakha hara ayan way…araam ker lay

(Translation in English: Son: please stop massaging my legs…you are already tired of performing the duty for a whole day….and take rest)

He (The honorable Judge) replied to his mother;

Maa….mainoon na rokiya ker… dunya di koi lood naieen tu he meri jannat hai…bus teri mohabat tay asherwad chaiyda

(Translation in English: Mom: please don’t stop me from serving you…I don’t need this world and its luxuries ….you are my heaven on earth….i just need your love and affection)

Just imagine that a 55 year old highly designated personnel of the Court is paying such extreme respect to his mother in each day of his life whereas, we used to ignore our parents and there desires. I have seen people shouting in front of their parents even they are in the old age of their life’s and ignore their contributions for what they did to brought up and given us luxuries and comforts what ever they had……

In Quran, it is stated and ordered to human beings 17:23-24;

Your Lord had decreed, that you worship none save Him, and (that you show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age with you, say not “Fie” unto them nor repulse them, but speak unto them a gracious word. And lower unto them the wing of submission through mercy, and say: My Lord! Have mercy on them both, as they did care for me when I was young.”


In Quran, Chapter: 46 , Verse: 15 (

and we have enjoined on man doing of good to his parents; with trouble did his mother bear him and with trouble did she bring him forth; and the bearing of him and the weaning of him was thirty months; until when he attains his maturity and reaches forty years, he says: my lord! grant me that i may give thanks for thy favor which thou hast bestowed on me and on my parents, and that i may do good which pleases thee and do good to me in respect of my offspring; surely i turn to thee, and surely i am of those who submit


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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …. 2

During school days, many of my friends used to travel either through their own transportation or by public one (School/Government owned Buses/Vans or private vans). One of my close friend (M) was a son of highly positioned Government Officer (A bureaucrat) and his mother was a teacher in the same school at that time.

Once in the afternoon, i found him sitting on the school bench aside of main gate awaiting for his private car to pick him up but it couldn’t arrived till 2:30 pm. Upon my question to him about awaiting for a such a long time at school gate, he replied that his car didn’t  arrived yet. I suggested that he may take any public transportation but heard an unorthodox reply;

I (M) prefer walking home (which is about 9 km from the school) but never going to use any public transport either cab/taxi or bus”

I asked him why you wont use that and upon that he replied;

I don’t like going through public transportation (means not according to the societal status) and not used to it

After several years, i still think about those sentences and attitude of a my friend whose preferences of life was different then of other humans. May be he had set some level of status for himself in the teenage or got trained with such mind setup.

It is important that parents / family members should provide training to their upcoming generation to live in all circumstances. The upbringing has to be such that children’s wont feel afraid or ashamed  in any part of their life in using either lowest quality or highest quality things /products.

Parents should train children’s in every way like living with luxuries and without, to use own car or public transport, sleeping on the bed or on the floor, high quality food or not etc etc…..


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Difficulties after human death in Asian Countries

We used to hear and know that living in this world is difficult due to the high expense of managing daily livelihood. But in Asian countries, families of the expired/deceased person find more problems in performing his/her funeral activities. In India & Pakistan, you certainly need a huge amount of money to fulfill the last ceremonial activities of the expired person of your family or friend  according to the rituals of the religion and human made norms of the society.  Many easily manages the certainly emerged need due to having adequate income sources whereas, other find it extremely hard on this occasion and request other people (from family, friends etc) for help. Even they take loan to perform the required activities.

Immediate after death expenses are as follow;

  • getting a space in the graveyard require minimum Rs.15000/- to Rs. 90,000/- ($133 to $798) or more in urban areas of Pakistan to get the expired man buried (these days, space in some graveyards are available according to class level). Many have to give bribe to the incharge graveyard in order to get the desired place especially in government owned graveyards where space is not available but only the incharge know
  • family of the deceased need money to buy material to perform the religious death rituals such as body wash & white cloth is required to cover  it.
  • Normally a special person is hired in urban areas (cities) for services to do all work (body wash, fulfilling religious obligations etc) on high charges i.e. from Rs.2000 to Rs. 10,000) even many volunteer or do not charge
  • deceased family has to make arrangements for the guests arriving at their home (chairs, tents, food etc). Most of the guests lives with the deceased family for more then 10 days or even a month in the name of condolence (just imagine the situation when u have lost someone dearest & you are in shock and you are also catering the burden of guests by serving them food etc and they don’t want to go back to their home….hehehehe)
  • Shifting the body to graveyard, sometimes vehicle is required and it charges alot of money especially when you have to shift the body from one city to other on the desire of deceased
  • Religious figure charges money for offering final funeral prayers

About 15 years back, people coming for condolence with the family of deceased used to sit on floor at the carpets / rugs because of norms of society  but now u need chairs/sofas and obviously it cost more then the rented cost of carpets

A good factor of the society especially in rural and small cities in Indo-Pak sub-continent is that many family relatives, neighbors, friends, NGOs support the deceased family in this circumstances either through money or material but it is getting rare. If the government may make certain laws and take actions by binding the owners of graveyard not to take any money in terms of providing space then burden will be reduced on the deceased family.


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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …. 1

About a year ago, i was going home via Jail road, Lahore and saw traffic officers managing parking lane in the service road on both sides of the main road. They were lifting illegally parked customers cars through machine car lifter and instructing the car showroom dealers to put up their cars under the boundary of their shop (it is a culture in Pakistan that car showroom owners used to bring out their sale able cars on main road or on government owned space) . The action by the traffic officers against illegal occupation of service lane by car showroom dealers and main road by the customer cars was really a surprise for me. This continuous action was never done before and if they tried to do something to manage the traffic and to curb illegal parking in the past then either the action was conducted for just 2 to 3 days or  they faced heavily pressure from the political wings to stop it immediately due to their stake with the car association of the city.

I straight up went to one of the officer and asked him;

“Would you keep continue or stop the action after some days and come back again after months or even a year to conduct again?”

He replies: “No Sir, this time we will not let these people (traffic law breakers) to break the law and continue montoring them through our hawk eye”

I suddenly asked that what is the factor behind your motivation”?….he replied that

the current officer Chief traffic Officer: Capt (R) Syed Mubeen Ahmed (late) is not only strict but a strong leader too who is not giving a single inch space to traffic law breakers/violators and even we consider him as our shield. We got this brave leader after so many years because previous ones failed to implement the rule of law and even didn’t protected us from certain events when we junior officers were trying to enforce the law according to the merit. When ever, any thing worse happened with our team in the city during implementation of traffic rules, Mr. Mubeen became shield and protected us in the circumstances”

Unfortunately, CTO Lahore Capt (R) Syed Mubeen Ahmed martyred due to suicide attack at Mall road, Lahore along with another high profile Police Officer.

That junior officer further informed that the current Officer at the position of DSP feels shame to have a shake hand with us and treat us like we all officials of Traffic Police as his purchased servants (This was the same time when Mr. Mubeen was incharge).  Mr. Mubeen was the only officer who went by all means to protect his force personnel’s from the reaction of people and especially influential ones like politicians, high designated government officials who neither act on law nor give any value to it.

In Pakistan, city traffic management is a really difficult task due to increase number of vehicles each day, issuance of traffic licences before the year 2009 without taking any exams, less human resource in traffic department, rules and regulations are not that threatening for law breakers/violators, culture of showing powers and putting pressure on traffic officers through resources (money, own relatives/friends on the high government posts etc) not to use law against/by the violators (powers: if someone is a govt officer, has any relative in government), bribe to traffic police etc)

If you got the right leader and head of any department / organization, it means the whole organization and personals working under it will get success. Government organizations in Pakistan lacks right leadership or if there is then they have be brave enough to deal with the issues.

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My Grand Father gifted a Mansion (Havaili) to my Grand Mother after marriage in 1934

Preserving antique documents is important which provide you information about the past.

My Grand Father (Syed Zafar Hussain) gifted a hereditary Mansion which is also called / pronounced as “Havaili” in India-Pakistan (Constructed in 11 acre land) to my Grand Mother (Taj Sultana) on Thursday 29 March, 1934 (time: afternoon) as a marriage gift. The gifted Mansion was located at Mohala Mir Kundala, Patyala City of Patayala State.

This below picture of antique document is a legal paper (One & Two Rupee Stamp Paper) issued under the Government of Patayala State run by his highness Maharaj Dheeraj Patyala. [Note: Whole Indian sub-continent (Including India, Pakistan, Sirilanka, Neepal) was governed by British Empire till 1947 currently United Kingdom]. These styled legal papers were used to write clauses for transfer of property to others name considered as a legal binding on both the parties.

The writing on this legal document is in Urdu Language stating legal clauses for property/land transfer which is attested / stamped by Sub-Registrar / Magistrate (on the back side of legal paper) of the Patyala State in the presence of witnesses. Also, a small map of location is mentioned at the end of front page.

Untitled-1 copy

A legal deed of 1934 (elaborating transfer of legal rights from my Grand Father to Grand Mother regarding land / house (Mansion (Havaili)) at Patyala City of Punjab State)

The purpose of sharing this antique document is to give you idea about the style of legal papers prevailed during 1930’s in the Indo-Pak (India – Pakistan) Subcontinent 

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Debatable Lines – 31 (…..Lets Do It….)

Most of us are enjoying luxuries & facilities of life such as three times food, money in our pockets, owing land / properties, home to live, amount in banks, cars, adequate income sources etc whereas, on the other side there are many humans in our surroundings who are not only struggling to have one time food / homeless but also finding difficulties in managing education, health needs & fulfilling the daily livelihood of their families / beloved ones. Out of these, many are jobless or unable to earn the specified amount needed to full fill the daily obligations of life and living.

We all know that

humans can help humans and no other creature can

If we can contribute a specific amount on daily / weekly or monthly basis from our pocket may be at least one Dollar / Rupee / Euro etc for these people and help them getting food / home / school or college fee / health expense / job etc. Just consider that if 100 people contribute then it will become $100 or 1000 people it becomes $1000.

This combine effort will help in fulfilling the needs of people around us may be they are in our neighborhood / family / friends / people sitting on roads / markets. The effort will make a huge difference in ending the miseries and make the society / city / country prosperous. We should take step and trust our self’s instead of waiting for Governments or NGOs to do any effort.  Helping other human beings in their difficult times is a greatest worship, resulting in establishing our name in the book of best deeds when presented in front of God on the judgment day.

……………… So Lets do it ………………

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Debatable Lines….30 (Respect & care for older people)

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