Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …….. 8 (Fight to get my right back…..)

Corruption is the misuse of public power either by elected politician or appointed civil servant for private gain. Corruption is a decay in the decision-making process in which a decision-maker consents to deviate or demands deviation from the criterion which should rule his or her decision-making, in exchange for a reward or for the promise or expectation of a reward, while these motives influencing his or her decision-making cannot be part of the justification of the decision.

I have recently faced a issue in which officials of Revenue Department Government of the Punjab i.e. Registrar Urban-1 and his Officials of Gujranwala city negligently / through corruption registered a Power of Attorney with my fake signs and thumb impression in the official record and then i lost ownership right (means someone else sold it illegally without my consent) my two kanal land.

I owned a 2 kanal (10890 sq ft) property / open land located about 1 km before Sialkot bypass Gujranwala city, Punjab-Pakistan which is now part of Gujranwala City and fall under Sadar Police. A local person with a name as “Mr. Shamshaad” very renowned for his fraud activities along with his cousin “Mr. Irshaad” appointed a Local Commission with the permission of Registrar Urban – 1 Gujranwala and made a Power of Attorney in his name with my fake signatures and thumb impression. Then, registered / process it legally in the office of Registrar Urban-1 Gujranwala. Here, you might not know who is Registrar and local Commission?….

  • Registrar is one high designated official appointed by the Government who is made responsible to register any Power of Attorney and legal transferable deeds like if you want to sell your land or house then you have to register it in the Registrar office by paying taxes and and writing it on the legal stamp paper.
  • Local commissionis made by the Registrar on the request of owner of property or who want to give Power of Attorney (to someone else to act or perform the same duties on his / her behalf). That Local Commission consists of a prominent lawyer (hired by Registrar office on a certain pay package) and a responsible regular person/official of Registrar office (who is also called an official / representative of Registrar) goes to the home of owner who want to give Power of Attorney to another person (because the person cant come to Registrar office because of illness / injury / age factor) and to get verification on the official registrar by seeing / verifying the National Identity Card (having picture and signature) of that person / owner that either it is the same or not and not other fraudulent is signing on his behalf on Power of Attorney because its a very important document.
  • Power of Attorney means that a owner of property / land etc is authorizing other person on his behalf by dedicating all his / her powers to sell the property, file suit in civil / criminal court / appear before any forum and record statement etc

That fraudulent whom i didn’t know and never met made the
Power of Attorney in his name with my fake signatures and thumb impression by giving bribe to the Local Commission and registered it in the Registrar Office – Urban 1, Gujranwala on 5th of May 2018. Then, after getting all approvals from Registrar, that fraudulent by using Power of Attorney sold out my two Kanals land to another person name Imran on 19th May 2018. Basically, Imran was also their own relative or friend. The objective of these fraudulent was to grab the land and fetch money from the owner in return of the land.

So, I was being deprived from my own legal right / property in only 15 days due to the negligence and corruption by the government officials of Registrar office Gujranwala 

I went to Capital Police Officer of Gujranwala City (Dr. Moeen Masud) on 4th August 2018 and he further directed S.H.O Aroop Town Police station
Gujranwala to conduct investigation. The S.H.O called the fraudulent in order to investigate from them and informed us that they are recorded criminals and they have done fraud with number of citizens. Furthermore, D.S.P Civil Lines (Naseem Nawaz) guide me that they can’t register F.I.R / case against government officials as per law and i have to contact Anti-Corruption Department in order to launch a criminal proceedings against them as well as against fraudulent. So, on 18th August 2018, i submitted application to Director Anti Corruption Gujranwala Region to take action against government officials of Registrar Urban 1 Gujranwala and those fraudulent group.

I appeared before Deputy Director Investigation (Anti-Corruption) every Saturday of the week for four consecutive months to plea my case. I used to travel 240 km each day of the week by taking leave from my job from Lahore to Gujranwala. I had always asked the Deputy Director Investigation and requested him on all appearances to send my signature and thumb impression to forensic laboratory to match them with the signs in Power of Attorney. If these signs and thumb impression does not match then take the action against those officials instead of lingering the case for too long. However, he didn’t listened to my request / suggestion. Whenever that Deputy Director Investigation (Anti Corruption) called / summoned the culprits (government officials) to bring all record in-front of him for examination but the government officials of Registrar office didn’t brought it and never appeared. Officials of Registrar office Gujranwala knew that they have done wrong / corruption and they could be caught any time. So, with that fear they especially Registrar (Highest Position of Registrar office) contacted those fraudulent (Mr. Shamshaad) and asked him to return the property to its real owner. When they didn’t listened to him, Registrar initiated F.I.R (Federal Investigation Report) in Civil Lines Police Station Gujranwala against the fraudulent in order to save their skin from any punishment from Anti-Corruption Department and by taking the plea that Registrar office officials were kept blind by the fraudulent about the real facts.

After facing strong pressure from the Registrar Office, the fraudulent returned my property by transferring it back into my name through a third person. (I mean there is a clause in the Law of Land in Pakistan that if you want to sell / transfer the property in another person name then presence of purchaser is not necessary and just you have to transfer it through hiring any second person and make the process). Just make it simple in understanding that i got my property back whereas i wanted to restore it in original position as it was before the fraud happened.

Deputy Director Investigation Gujranwala asked me that now you got your property back so what you want more. I told him that i want my property to be restored to its original position but not like this & this is a illegal / unproper way of transfer and it also means that fraudulents are right in their stance whereas i will be considered wrong or misleading which i do not want. I informed him that now you got each and every evidence which proves that Registrar office officials have done a severe negligence / corruption, so punish them. Deputy Director Investigation was reluctant to make any decision and refered the case to his boss who was at the position of Director. I and the members of my opposite party (corrupt government officials and fraudulent) was called to appear in the office of Director on 19 December 2018 at 11 am. When i went there, clerk informed that another Deputy Director (Legal) who is a head of a legal branch will hear the case and then he would take you and opposite party members to the office of Director Anti-Corruption Gujranwala Region for final decision of the case. But Deputy Director Legal was not in office and went to the Civil Court and didn’t returned till 3 pm. After a long await from 11 am to 3 pm, i went straight to the office of Director and requested him to hear the case and make decision. He ordered his official to bring up the file and asked both parties to wait outside for 20 minutes. He then call us to his room and asked me that what is a issue. I informed him the whole story. He then asked the guilty persons that how did you transferred the property. When the officials of Registrar office accepted their negligence, the Director Anti-Corruption ordered that they all should be arrested and case should be filed in the criminal court.

I thanked God that now these culprits will surely face trial and punishment of their mal-practice and corruption and whatever they did to me by taking off my property right for money.

One thing is sure that if government officials of any department are honest then citizens will not face any issue and country will prosper as well as burden on courts will decease otherwise citizens has to fight to get his / her right back.

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To Stare or not to stare ….

Staring is a prolonged to a fixed look. In staring, one person is the continual focus of interest for a time. Staring can be interpreted as being either hostile, or the result of intense affection. Here, I am going to discuss about staring of a young male and female on each other. Staring of male on female is more common then that of female on male. In the law of many countries, corporate’s and universities staring is considered as unethical and offence. In the university (LUMS) where I currently study, it comes under sexual harassment. But, when female stare on the male, it hardly considered as harassment (hehehehe)….

The question is why someone stare and continuously watch. May be its because of his/her beauty, demand of love / friendship, would like to make him / her wife or husband, enter into a relationship etc etc. But I consider that who ever kept his / her eyes on other and continuously stare may not have a negative motive especially by males on females. Males have a tendency to be more inclined towards beauty of a female and thirst inside them may trigger their eyes and desire for a relationship. For this, females always take it negative and become complainant. When ever foreigners (white) arrives at Asia especially in India or Pakistan, people (male & female) watch them (foreigner females) with crazy eyes and these foreigner girls used to say ‘haven’t they saw any girl, yet“. They (males in Asia)  stare because each human has a great value for beauty and males always have a desire to get it in  their life.

Recently, one boy sitting next to me in the university was staring at a girl. The girl was sitting on the opposite side of him. Girl got furious and asked “why are you staring at me is there any issue…??”. He suddenly said “no no…, for nothing” and suddenly ran away (hehehehe). He may have desired to become her friend but due to shyness couldn’t been able to say.

It is important that we should understand the desire and requirement of other person in a positive way rather then making and considering it always negative. There are millions who can’t been able to say their desire with words except with eyes only. Humans are linked with humans.

If you don’t like others staring on you then don’t get annoyed too. Consider yourself a great value others are giving by staring at you.

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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …….. 7 (Group Work)

In the life, you get different experiences good or bad especially when you work in a group and sometimes it taste sweet and bitter too.

I recently joined a local renowned university for a 2 years degree program. One of the course required us to write a literature review on any topic of our choice (about 5000 to 7000 words) as a assignment and in a group of two students and within about 50 days time period. But before writing, we had to submit an abstract of one page (under 500 words) about the topic in a week. The topic i wanted to do was a broad one in many aspects (Government Policy on Education) and no one in the class was willing to join me because all were doing a small scale studies at the primary school education level. So, i volunteered and asked the teacher that i am ready to join anyone without any hesitation and willing to work on their choice of topic. The basic purpose of volunteering on doing others topic was to learn and participate in a group work with equal efforts. She paired me up with a girl who was working on play therapy for school children’s.

See the following one week situation of group work which started on wednesday 10th October, 2018;

  • Wednesday: Teacher asked me that if i could join a girl who didn’t had any group member on the topic of her choice and i willfully volunteered.  First she verbally informed about the topic and then shared her topic on Whatsapp in the same day.
  • Thursday: We discussed for 15 minutes after the class at around 11:15 am in the morning and went to the computer lab where i started searching for different articles on the topic and she was doing her other assignment instead of doing the search as i was doing
    • I sent her about 10 articles on the topic via email as my contribution in the evening so that she may study them and provide feedback which she didn’t.
  • Friday: We didn’t met because classes were off
  • Saturday: In he night, I had developed the rough draft of Abstract on the topic along with list of articles, websites, books according to the parts of topic (total 3 pages) and sent her via email. I made the task easier by listing out 30 plus articles and links
  • Monday: We met for 30 minutes and she started altering on the same rough draft i mailed her in the night of Saturday as it was her right to do so because of the conceptualization of topic. It was decided that we would bring summaries of articles (in 3 lines) to discuss on next day i.e. Tuesday
  • Tuesday: We sat again at 11:15 am after the class but i forgot the paper (in which i wrote 3 lines summaries of all searched articles) at home. However, i went to computer lab and developed another paper in one hour and came back to the meeting point.
    • I informed her that we also have to submit “Statement of Authorship” along with one page abstract which will inform  the teacher about the percentage of work we together have contributed in the development of Abstract. She replied with an aggressive attitude that i (means me) have not contributed a single inch in the development of Abstract and all efforts have been put up by her.

I was literally shocked to hear her remarks. I thought that she might have not understood what i wanted to inform as she was in hurry to go back to home. In the night of the same day, i sent her the “Statement of Authorship” by writing 50% contribution from each side for further submission along with the Abstract to the teacher but she again replied that i haven’t contribute a single inch towards the development of Abstract. Following is her Whatsapp response;



Whatsapp Chat

She said in the above chat that i had not contributed whereas she was making changes in my developed Abstract (hehehehe….) and she forgot about my all efforts in a minute and more then 10 research articles i had mailed her before as well as list attached with the Abstract. she used the word misplaced whereas i informed her that left the paper at home.

This situation was totally surprising for me about the group dynamics. Even upon her response, i had allowed her to write what ever percentage of work / contribution she wanted to write because i never had desired to indulge myself in a conflict with her at the most earlier stage of the assignment and tried to avoid it….


I still even don’t get her motive behind it except that might be she wanted to take all credit of the assignment or may be it was her attitude. She never had attended any of the class and was relying on her past good image in the eyes of faculty which was created during her undergraduate studies in the same university and scored good CGP i.e. 3.83 out of 4.00.

I decided in that night that i should inform the teacher about the situation  as early as possible and to request her for my separation from the group assignment in order to avoid any high conflict in future and doing work alone. The other option that i thought was to send her (teacher) a copy via email of what ever i would contribute towards the assignment with the girl, so that she can make wise decision in case of any conflict an have better idea about the contribution. However, I am thankful to the teacher (faculty) that she understood my issue and permitted me to do the assignment alone on my desired topic of research.

When you work in a group then it means your contribution shall be count 50% in all manner either you practically work / contribute only 10% or 80% towards the assignment / objective. Group means that you are one body like four wheels of a car”

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How much freedom you got to make your own decisions…..

One question that comes always in my mind that how much freedom you got to make decision for your own self. Obviously, there is no doubt that we are born free and got powers to make decision for our own self but in Asian countries certain pressure from your family and even social responsibilities won’t make or let it easy for you to make decision for yourself or to do what ever you like. For example, if you want to choose a career, you do face enormous pressure from your immediate family members such as from parents, siblings and other close relatives. Then comes other society members like friends, colleagues etc play influential role in your life. Other part is your own self which get frightened due to a certain fear of losing any thing important u have to survive in the society because you are taking certain step or making decision for your self beyond the norm’s. These things never make you strong enough to live a life that you want to. May be its also important and true that people around you control you from taking such steps which might become dangerous due to your ignorance or unconsciousness about the drastic results or outcomes.

I give you my example that when i decided to join LUMS (University) for two years degree program in 2018 and to leave ongoing good job with government organization, the people around me were amazed to notice my decision that i am well settled with the job and why should i be leaving job just for studies. Many including family members, colleagues asked me to join any weekend studies program (based on Saturdays or Sundays) but don’t leave the job as it is difficult to find it afterwards. (I also got admission in University of San Francisco this year 2018 for Masters degree in Urban Governance but didn’t went there and chosen LUMS for M.Phil, however thinking about next years fall to move…lets see….. also even Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT invited me for final interview (physical appearance at their campus) for MBA program which i missed in 2017)

It is obvious you get detract from your stance when you think that a good salary package is coming each month to your way and there is not enough work burden, you counter in the job. I had a good reputation in my organization and leading person of my organization has always given me an honor and respect since my joining. When i informed my colleagues, all encouraged me except one. My immediate boss Mr. S.Iftikhar who is working as acting GM and somewhat jealous in previous years because of the appreciation I always got from the head of organization. That GM said an unusual sentence when i informed him about my admission at LUMS almost 2 months before the start of classes, he then said “should I eliminate your name from new years budget“…means he was trying to get rid of me more earlier to the date I wanted to resign…hehehe. 

Your decision also become hurdle for yourself and society never see it in a positive way. Society trend for marriage is also different in my country then that of other countries but some what similar in India or Bangladesh. Mostly marriages happen through a arrange way  but now trend is changing and couples are getting together through love marriages. Love marriage tends to happen through court and arrange way too. My Mom has never stopped me from taking any decision but she was a bit concern that what would she say when any family of a girl for a Rishta (proposal of a girl for me) ask that what and where your son is working now or how much he is earning? … because in Pakistani Society where you get married normally through a arrange way (family to family talks and decision) families consider you if you have any earning source like job or business which is not compulsory in case of love marriages (where boy and girl decide themselves)…. My mom is very liberal and has given me full authority to get married with any girl of the world i want to (hehehehe)… but she wants me to do it at earliest.

When i decided to pursue studies and leave current job there were many things in my consideration. One was the strong believe that Allah Almighty (God) is a master of each and everything in this whole universe and he will open gates for job / earnings even after the studies as i was earning before.


When i read this sayings (in Surah Saba – verse 39) by Allah Almighty, my believe strengthened more and also due to past record when i was jobless for a quite sometime. But then earning avenues opened by the blessing of God and it continued for many years till now. So, whenever Allah Almighty (God) will like he will open more gates even after the studies and if he will not then you cant do anything except to wait for his blessings because he is the only powerful and merciful in this whole universe.

What happened is that we (almost all human except pious ones in this world) have left total reliability and believe in the God that is called “TAWAKAL” (in Urdu). It doesn’t mean that we should sit idol and do nothing and wait for God’s blessing but to put all effort and await for his blessings.




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Police in Pakistan especially of Punjab = Deprived / Corrupt / Negligent

One organization apart from doctors, para-medic staff, Army working for 24 hours a day is a Police Department. Police men in the police department of Punjab – Pakistan are not only deprived, negligent but also many out of all are corrupt.

In Pakistan, role of Police is multi-disciplinary.  They are not only used to control crime (of all types found in this world) but also being used for political and personal purposes.  I have personally witnessed that police men are facing tough time in Punjab province of Pakistan due to immense work pressure for 24 hours a day under very limited capacity especially they have very fewer personals to deal with the issues in the ambit of each police station. Each member from lower to upward grade till the position of Inspector (Station House Officer – S.H.O) are serving more then 12 hours a day during a duty. They have limited facilities such as salaries, allowance, sleeping place (if they are not from the city in which they are posted). Allowances for daily food are extremely limited, no separate hospital or schools like Army have for their men etc.  This along with some other factors contribute in their negligence, corruption (police is renowned for), mal-practice etc.

One staff officer of SP – Gujranwala city at the rank of A.S.I told that he was recruited in 1998 at the current rank and after 21 years of service he is till at the same position and no progress to the higher rank being made by the Police Department and now thinking to get early retirement. His qualification is Masters in Political Science and informed that he used to serve from 8:00 am morning to 12:00 pm night dealing with administrative / clerical issues of SP Office. He further informed that Police men are only being provided a trouser for uniform and he himself purchased other things like cap, shoes, shirt etc. Then the attitude of PSP officers (came after clearing CSS exams) vary from one to other and many do not play their role as true leader to their men. Police men have not been facilitated in having some rebate in transport service travelling from one place to others like being given to Army men. There is a rule in Pakistan Army that Commissioned Officer has to serve at least 2 months with their men to understand the difficulties and life patterns but in Police, who ever get selected from CSS exams and become high ranked officer does not serve such time and unable to understand the miseries of their men.

Many police men such as constables, A.S.I, Inspectors (above 50%  of total in Punjab Police & except PSP officers coming through CSS exams) have been recruited on non-merit basis and on political grounds. Political and influential’s use police for their own matters and purposes. People use to recruit their family members in police on order to get power in society they are living in, protection and benefits in future especially against their opponents. One of my relative Police Inspector  informed that in mid 90’s, the recruitment committee member who was a PCS Officer (Secretary S.F.H.N late) took Rs.1,50,000/candidate.

I have witnessed that SHO of one of the main police station at Gujranwala city as extremely burdened with issues coming at a rapid pace in every second but i find him as honest towards the issues resolution and dealing with merit. He used to deal with 3 to 4 different types of issues at one time. Then he has very limited investigation staff (A.S.I) and each investigator has at least 30 to 40 cases to investigate and report. Then apart from investigation they have to go on field for any operation against criminals and on abrupt reports. The S.H.O is provided one small room to sleep their at police station. He and many others if belong to other city find difficult to get leaves to meet their family members. If even they belong to the same city then they get back to home at such time when their family members are sleeping and couldn’t meet. The salary of S.H.O is Rs.57,000/month equivalent to $475 ( 1 dollar @ of Rs.120). If his expenses for month are above Rs.1,00,000 (one hundred thousand rupees) and under less facilities then he will surely take bribe and do illegal things.

The police men at police station used to avoid taking cases and do not register them unless you use some influential’s, higher police officers (PSP), political persons who pressurize them to register the complaint and then resolve it according to the merit. But merit is extremely rare and a plaintiff has to struggle to get relief.  The attitude of most of the police men at police station is extremely adverse and they don’t treat you well except few. I witnessed that people approached Mayor of Gujrat in 2017 for help because S.H.O of a police station was demanding bribe to register the case (F.I.R).  This happens with almost 70% cases in each day at each police station of Punjab province. You have to visit so many times to the police station to get your case registered.

I have personally witnessed one of my deceased uncle in Punjab police (Finger print department) that he used to take bribe for work for the cases based on merits.

There are only two ways to get a relief upon your complaint to police in Pakistan, one is to give them money/bribe and other to use influential persons to get work done i.e. Sifarish. The policing system is full of flaws, even on a simple case which should have to be registered and any police officer can easily get to know about the crime which has really happened, but police always try to avoid registering his case or plaintiff get to such stage that either he gives bribe or leave it to God for decision and help.

Someone stolen purse of my mother Liberty Market Lahore and the purse had a money as well as her National Identity Card in it and to remake card you should have police report with you to be submitted it to NADRA. I went to the Liberty Market police station at night and met the reporting Incharge normally called Moharar in Urdu Language. Instead of writing the complaint and report about the incident, he starting investigation from me and behavior was extremely odd. A constable standing near by him just asked me to come with him and said “I will write your report, you don’t need to call anyone for help”. The worst attitude is used in order to fetch money.

A citizen always feel shy and reluctant to go to police station because of such irregular attitude and instead of resolving your complaint, you become culprit and defendant (hehehehe….).

Many citizens make fake complaints or register complaints with higher magnitude of circumstances then what ever happened in real. For Example, if some one stolen $5 dollars from the pocket but the citizen will register $50. The reason behind is either to pressurize victim or they know that if they register just $5 then they will get $3 from police after recovery.

The negative and irresponsible response / attitude of some police men (not all but many) has defamed the image of whole police department. Government is neither fulfilling the basic requirements of police nor of the citizens in form of complainants or victims.


(Above writing is based on my own perceptions and views)

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