NOW a days, Males are the most deprived gender in this world….(you may believe or not)

(Please remember this writing is not against any gender but to put up a case in-front of you with some arguments)

If you take a notice and search that how many NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) & CBOs (Community Based Organizations) are present around the world then you will find a number above one hundred thousand and out of these, almost all cater and work for female/women right but hardly any NGO or CBO works for males. In this world, females are considered as the most vulnerable and deprived gender whereas in my consideration males are now more then anyone else (hehehehehe …. you may agree or not)…… How it is possible that males don’t have rights or problems. I haven’t find any organization in Pakistan at least which console in hard times and stand for his rights.

The image and notion of the past when many males were very much barbaric in treating their females is true. I agree still they are many exist in this world but their number is now much less then comparison to what happened some years ago…now literally females torture their men either physiologically (larger in number) or even they beat their men (believe me its happening)

Because ……………………..

Look at the average age of males versus females in the world especially in South Asia (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh). Females lives more years then males…why?…most of the diabetes, blood pressure and heart patients in the world are males. What are the reasons behind these medical problems?…you will find tension about many matters which male is trying to handle within home and outside apart from other things.

All laws especially alimony process (in USA) are made in favor of females. “I want a divorce”…… Women often initiate and utter these words more than men (research based on the study by Michael Rosenfeld of the How Couples Meet and Stay Together Project done from 2009 to 2015) Even in USA, female get at least half of property / assets share after getting divorce. Even when women is a major guilty person and responsible for factors behind divorce then men….Male husbands are trying more to keep up the marriage but females don’t and even i have heard one sentence out of females mouth in South Asian Countries especially young females “Leave the men/husband if he wont been able to fulfill the desires (money, beautiful house, luxury car, jewelry, separate home where husbands parents or siblings wont live and disturb)“….this is what the loyalty is. But all blames goes over the shoulder of male….

most of the physiological patients are males. In the South Asian countries, males are responsible for bringing money, food to home and females prefer to be housewife and very few females work shoulder to shoulder with their men. So, the household management function depend upon males income. I have literally seen males taking bribe during their government services in order to full fill the desires of their wife’s and for better living of their children’s. Even they do pat time job for managing daily livelihood.

I haven’t seen the world making / celebrating Males Day but every thing done for females. Even the world won’t celebrate Fathers Day with enthusiasm the way they celebrate other days….

Currently, in the jobs sector, females are preferred over males and special quotas are reserved in jobs and education system. All academic admission in medical universities are given to females whereas the practice ratio (utilization of studies in medicine) in South Asian Countries especially in Pakistan are 2 females versus 10 males. It means that females hardly practice medicine after getting degree from medical college or university so billions of investment by the government is ruined.

Response of government organizations towards females is much better then that of males for any services. In Pakistan, women get special attention and there is a separate protocol given to males even some banks allow females to submit anything (utility bills, fees) by coming inside the building whereas males stand outside the building and face sunlight / heat especially in summers.

(You may agree or not)

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Lets think over…. 3

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Debatable Lines – 36 (What are we doing in this world…)

A question always comes in our mind….Why we are here in this world?….What is the purpose of our creation?….. each one of us have certain arguments in lieu to these questions. But most of us are still confused and wont have proper answer. From the day 1 of our birth till the last day which may count to 65 years to 85 or so. In between 23725 to 31025 days (means 65 to 85 years of age)….we spend minimum 8000 to 9000 days in sleeping, about 4500 days in ignorance (childhood i.e. till 12 years), minimum 988 to 1100 days in travelling. The remaining days are 9125 out of 23725 (65 years average age)….we spend these 9000 to 10,000 days of our life in pursuance of education, money, marriage, looking after children’s and parents, getting luxuries, fights, illness, degrading others, killing sentiments of others through soar sentences etc etc. Then at the end of our life, we live alone with deteriorating bones and health issues and go back to grave which become lasting place.

In my understanding and believe, God has not created us to perform evil deeds and ruin life to get luxuries and money but to help other human beings in their difficult circumstances. To say the truth and stand firm in-front of those who usurps the right of others. The time and money we spend on getting branded clothes, shoes, cars and costly housing results in disturbance of our inner and physical health. We work hard in a day to get these luxury items in order to satisfy our desires and ego but then remain unsatisfied. Example: if you have 1000 yards home but you will then desire to get 2000 yards house and after getting 2000 yards…3000 yards will become next target and no end to it. We save money, gold, make properties/lands to fulfill the inner desire of having high wealth and it creates high status in the society as well as to secure the miserable time if any in our fate in upcoming days or for the children’s…..

Have you ever noticed that birds and animals never think of the next upcoming day and never save food but live a life without getting worry of surviving in next upcoming day……..

(you may agree or not)

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Social Media Survey about Meeeeeeeeee……..2

Social Media Survey Results dated: 27th November 2018 (24 Hours)……Total Participants: 7319
Question: Do you want me back (on social media after a gap of 4 months)?…….
Answer: “91% said Yes & 9% said No”
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Important Shopping sites at Lahore-Pakistan…. you should not miss

In my recommendation, following is the list of best shopping sites at Lahore city for the tourists…….

Clothes for males (16 years & above):

  • Panorama center (basement) at Mall road…………..good/reasonable priced all types of quality (from least to high) ready made casual & formal clothes
  • Pace – Main Boulevard, Gulberg……….
  • Karim Block Market – Allama Iqbal Town……..

Clothes & shoes for females:

  • Liberty Market – Gulberg……
  • Khusa Market behind Liberty Market – Gulberg………renowned for wedding clothes
  • Anarkali Bazar – behind Mall road …….. one of the largest market in Asia
  • Calvary Ground Market ……. renowned for wedding clothes
  • Auriga – Main Boulevard Gulberg
  • Liberty Chowk Plaza – Main Boulevard Gulberg
  • Ichara Market– Ferozepur road
  • Model Town Extension – Model Town………………. mostly branded clothes & shoes shops

For kids below 15

  • Naqi Market – Mall road
  • Karim Block Market – Allama Iqbal Town……..

Old / historical / famous Markets of Lahore for shopping:

  • Anarkali Bazar………………Oldest market of Asia & tourist point
  • Liberty Market
  • Fortress Stadium
  • Shalmi Market………………….Asia’s largest wholesale market
  • Moon Market – Allama Iqbal Town
  • Main Bazar Mozang………………female clothes, shoes, accessories
  • Ichara – Ferozepur road
  • Urdu Bazar……………………for books, stationery items
  • M.M Alam road, Gulberg
  • Hall Road – Mall road………………….for all types of electronic items including spare parts
  • Bedon Road – Mall road………. home appliance (fan, bulb, all types of wooden items etc)
  • Brandrath road…….. a largest market for all types of items related to home, factory, machinery, iron etc
  • Abid Market……………….. for all types of electronic home appliance items including spare parts
  • Montgomery road……………. for all types of vehicle items including spare parts as well as mechanics / experts are available
  • Paki Thathi – Samanabad …….. clothes & shoes for children’s & females
  • Chowk Yateem Khana
  • Landa Bazar…………………….sell used clothes imported from outside Pakistan
  • Islampura Market

Car Showroom market (new & old cars)

  • Jail road
  • Samanabad
  • Queens road
  • Defense Chowk

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Miracle or what … ? Distinctive Courage & ability of some leaders of Pakistan

Its now 72 years since Pakistan came into being as an independent and sovereign country. After the demise of her founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah in 1948, numerous political leaders and Army Dictators taken over the first position and led the nation. Some were successful and others lost their reputation.

I want to put up a case for future researchers that its my assumption due to some important factors that some leaders (in the leading government position  i.e  Prime  Minister  or Dictator) who came into power had got the special courage and quality to tackle the hard circumstances which Pakistan faced and no other person could have managed that….may be the retention of the top position by these specific leaders was by the pure consent of Allah Almighty (God) in order to save Pakistan from any worst situation till the final judgement day….. In other words, its our firm believe that creation of Pakistan is a miracle on this planet and on the basis of two nation / religions theory (Hindu & Muslim).

Just consider the following circumstances;

  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Quaid-e-Azam): founder of Pakistan. Once he was a great admirer of one nation consist of Hindu & Muslim together uptill 1928 and wanted that they both live together after the departure of British Government from Indian sub continent. But when he came to know the cleverness of Congress Party (majority of members belong to Hindu Religion) which wanted Hindu rule all across India (India & Pakistan) and muslim’s should remain / become servants of Hindu’s, then Mr. Jinnah left membership of Congress Party and India for UK. But he came back from UK upon the request of great philosopher & poet (Sir Allama Iqbal) to lead the muslim nation in 1930’s and founded a separate country in 1947. No other persona had the courage, ability and dare to stood firm in-front of British Empire and Congress Party in Indian Sub Continent at that time.
  • General Ayub Khan: took over the Government by defeating Muhtarma Fatima Jinnah (Sister of Founder of Pakistan) and he tackled 1965 war very well and defeated India. 1965 war was the crucial when Pakistan had less resources then India but even with less resources, Pakistan defeated India. So, placement and presence of strong courageous man like General Ayub Khan in that crucial time was nothing but a favor by God….(may be)
  • Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto: help develop nuclear assets and valiantly faced international pressure but he was the one considered as behind lose of East Pakistan i.e. now Bangladesh. He was blunt, fearless and strong nerve person.
  • General Zia ul Haq:
    • 1979 Afghan War: When Russia made a plan to enter Pakistan after taking over Afghanistan…..
    • In 1985, when India was invoking war and attacking Pakistan but General Zia played a political game and went to New Delhi to watch the Cricket match to diffuse the tension
  • General Pervaiz Musharaf:
    • 9/11 after attack of USA on Afghanistan….When USA threatened Pakistan of dare consequences if she wont help USA against Taliban & Al-Qaeda…
    • Kargil War between India & Pakistan
    • 2001 when India was in a mood to attack Pakistan
    • Pressurized Nawaz Sharif who was Prime Minister in 1998 to do nuclear test after conducted by the Indians to stabilize the power whereas Nawaz Sharif was not willing to do it due to the pressure by USA
    • Worst economic and social situation of Pakistan: He improved the situation and made it better
  • General Raheel Sharif (Ex-Pakistan Army Chief): He took the brave step of eliminating terrorists and hard core Islamic elements from FATA (a tribal area of Pakistan) which other former Pakistan’s Army Chief were reluctant too….and he won….
  • Imran Khan: When India was maligning Pakistan over Pulwama attack and trying to attack Pakistan and invoked war in February – March 2019 but Imran Khan at the position of Prime Minister tackled the situation well by defusing the tension between both countries and returning Indian Air Force Pilot (Abhi-Nandan) which other leader such as Nawaz Sharif never have done that…or failed to manage the situation….remember both countries are equipped with Atomic Weapon…

If you take a look on the ability of these guys (stated above) without any personal hate then you would found the distinctive capability and a quality which other leaders like Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif or other didn’t had to make decisive decisions for the better interest of Pakistan. Placement of the persons on the highest position was nothing but i consider it as strong favor of God in the best interests of Pakistan and her sovereignty.

(You may agree or not …. you may do research on this)

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Social Media Survey about Meeeeeeeee……

Social Media Survey Results dated: 6th March 2019 (24 Hours)……Total Participants: 9866
Question: Am i Sexy?…….Answer: “86% said Yes & 14% said No”

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