Convid 19 Elimination Strategy (Governments need to do massive operations otherwise…

As per the news of 29th March 2020, Convid-19 has now reached in 199 countries of the world. Though, mortality rate is about 3% but there is a massive increase in the number of infected persons. The number of infected person has reached above one hundred thousand in USA and above 1500 in Pakistan. Most countries have made lock down of cities, states/provinces but cant been able to stop the spread. There  is mindset that may be summers with hot temperature above 30 degree centigrade might kill this virus but still have no evidence and upcoming summers will inform us further. We may consider Australia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia or gulf region where there is still a very humid climate but patient’s number is increasing every day.  

No country except of South Korea and China successfully implemented the convid-19 wipe out strategy from their surface. China blocked Wuhan city and made curfew and now there are no patients.

Lockdown could be a good strategy if people won’t come out of their house or don’t gather. But it is totally failing in Pakistan and people are not maintaining social distance. Other negative effect of lockdown strategy is that you can’t maintain it for a longer period of time because it is effecting economic situation of the country and for a daily wage individual. The situation is getting worse in South Asia especially in Pakistan & India where the majority of persons are living below poverty lines. They earn on daily basis.  Business can’t be kept closed for longer period. So, it means that governments have to devise a strong strategy to eliminate Convid-19 or at least stop it at the position making the curve line in the graph straight.

I think that curfew and massive operation is a right solution. It means that you are putting up curfew for 72 hours to 100 hours (3 to 5 days), blocking all transport and going home by home for screening and testing. It will help clear that who are the corona hit patients and who are not. Then separating them from non hit corona patients and detaining those patients got corona within their room/house or putting them in hospitals / quatrain centers.

I presented / emailed this strategy to the officials of Government of Punjab and Sindh in Pakistan with a plan having team composition and let’s see if they consider it or not. I will write the same strategy after one week here under this topic which I forwarded to government of Punjab – Pakistan. I will be sending the same strategy to the Government of USA if they consider it too.

But just wanted to mention here that continuous lock-down is not a solution to the current problem. Either medicine should be developed to curtail this virus or a massive operation has to be done.

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Lets Think over —– 6

Justice denial


Getting justice is the most daunting task. Government officials, lawyers, Judges of Law Courts, Police Officers are responsible for providing justice to the citizens of their country. But it is unfortunate that a lawyer even after knowing that a certain person has committed crime still defends him in the court of law for the sake of money. Which is why justice is denied in our society.

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Lets think over —–5

Love of God (Allah Almighty)


There are two types of love exists in the world, one is for humans and other is for the God. But the first one which is love for the human (male for female or female for male) is more common whereas we love God (Allah Almighty) only when we need him especially in the difficult times or in troublesome. What God require from us is only love and same love for the things which he love. There are very few people who passionately loved God without having any greed from him like Hazrat Ali A.S spent his entire life in one God’s love. The other is Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S sacrificed his entire family and friends only for the God.

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Corona Virus

Today is 23rd March 2020 and Corona virus commonly known as Convid-19 has been spread to 192 countries across the world. The virus started from Wuhan City of China in December 2019 initially spread to Thailand, Japan, Iran in February 2020 and then to Italy and other parts of the world. More than 14000 people have died because of this virus and it majorly involves older people having age of 70 plus. More than three hundred thousand people are still infected and now 800 cases have been reported in Pakistan alone till date.

The virus has spread to all provinces of Pakistan causing 6 deaths. The spread in Pakistan is due to a pure negligence of the government because they knew that China and other countries are facing problems but still they didn’t blocked the borders nor the international flights. The administration has now shut down all international flights till 5th April when the virus has surrounded the country. Furthermore, mishandling and mismanagement of the travellers arriving from Iran, UK, USA, Italy has caused another disruption. Corruption and irresponsible behaviour of government officials is another a major reason e.g. its a rumour that airport official has taken 6ooo rupees bribe from the passenger already infected from Corona and let him go outside the premises of airport instead of detaining him. Chief Minister of Pakistani Punjab province is a incompetent man and dont know what to do.

Whoever political leader took the charge in Pakistan since 1970’s never tried to develop civil institutions but mainly destroyed it by inducting non efficient people without any accountability. We can’t say that health system and relevant institutions in the developed world has fully responded well in this situation with the example of Italy, Spain, China, USA, and UK. Now all have called military for assistance. Today, National Guards have taken control of Chicago and New York. It’s a sign that civil administration has failed even in the developed nations to control this pandemic.

USA and China are blaming each other for the virus. We should consider one thing that this virus is extraordinary. I mean no antibiotic is effective nor any medicine available to counter it except humans own immune system fights with it. Which is why, the mortality rate is higher among older people and very few deaths among young in the world.  Chinese people are eating different type of foods for 100 of years which a normal human never like to eat. So, it’s a very rare thing / chance that virus has emerged suddenly due to their food item. I mean if Chinese government is making allegation over USA for bringing the virus to China through her military personals is something a strong argument. May be this virus is developed in a laboratory and spread in Wuhan city of China in order to stop there extreme economic growth (MAY BE).

This virus which cant be seen without the help of microscope has stopped everyone and progress of all powerful / developed countries in the world. This virus is indicating that if there is someone who is the ultimate in power is one God (Allah Almighty) can destroy anything in the world in less then a second.

Moreover , all humans should be ready for more viruses because as per indications in the books and renowned people, these type of more viruses will come which will be 100 times more lethal then this one (Convid-19) and kill more then half of the world’s population. And then the world war will erupt especially among developed nations along with hunger / poverty will increase and Hazrat Imam Mehdi (A.S) will appear for the final process of stepping towards Judgement day

In my country or even in other countries too, people are attributing this virus with the anger / punishment of God. It means that virus is a symbol of punishment by God due to our illegal work / activities in our daily lives resulting in breaking the norms and rules of society and religion. But see the flip side of this virus as a benefit for us. It is quite possible that you may not agree with the flip side as well. So just consider that due to this virus;

  • The time has been given to us to relax
  • We are sitting with family and spending important time altogether which was not possible to due hectic life routine
  • We are learning that how to clean ourselves, washing hands at least 10 times a day.
  • Helping others by supplying food
  • Many are offering prayers which they never did or they were reluctant to
  • We have started thinking about daily life crime normally do or in other words breaking the societal or religious rules
  • Doing many things which we have never done by staying at home
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Social media survey about me……8 (If I contest in USA Presidential Election as a candidate….)

USA presidential elections are very near so I did a survey at a social media platform that if I become a candidate for the seat with a certain election manifesto to guage what the reaction of people. Either they will consider me to vote or not to become the US President. So, 81% agreed to vote me and it means they agreed that I should become the President of USA and 19% didn’t want to vote me. The survey participants involved male and female citizens of USA majorly age between 13 to 40 years, celebrities, models and also these participants involved citizens of other countries too.

Survey results
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Social media survey about me….7

A survey was conducted on social media platform about my post / pic that

How am I looking in the picture?”

And given four options in order to choose only one. 335 choose sexy, 85 selected handsome, 38 selected lovely and 21 voted for cute. So following is the real answer pic;

Survey results
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