Debatable Lines – 33

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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …. 4

About 4 years back, i along with my family which included my mother, grand mother and aunt went to Nawab Town area almost in the corner of Lahore City to attend funeral ceremony of a relative. The two way road (about 60 feet wide from each side) was blocked from one side due to the road construction and all vehicles were using the other side of the road (crossing each other). I was driving at the speed of around 40 to 45 km per hour, which was quite slow due to the long que of cars and lawful speed authorized by the Government. Suddenly an old man of about 70 years who was trying to cross the road (even there were no crossing signals & all vehicles were going at a certain speed) struck with front mirror of my car and got injured (his forehead along with left eye started bleeding). I stopped my car immediately and parked it to the side  and went directly to the injured person.

By the grace of God, no part of his body was damaged except bleeding from the cuts in nearby eye side and on his forehead. His clothes indicated that he belonged to the village. People started gathering and shouting instead of providing immediate medical help to the old man and pin pointed me that “you (means me) are responsible for his injuries and negligently drove the car with extra speed”. The gathering of people was getting larger in size by passing of each minute and almost become a mob (out of control). However, i kept my nerves controlled and didn’t spoke a single word except standing and helping the injured man to control his bleeding. Some people who were exposing as close relatives of that old man started shouting and abusing me and it seems that they could attack me with anger as i was alone in the situation. But suddenly a traffic police officer stepped up like an angel and immediately stopped those few people showing extra anger from taking any unlawful step or attack on me.

The Traffic Police Officer asked the injured old man that who is responsible for the accident. The old man accepted his mistake that he was trying to cross the road in a hurry without noticing the vehicles of one side coming to his way and now has no issues with me. The Police Officer then asked the old man that can he (means me) go now or you want to take him in the court. The old man replied that no i don’t want to and its my mistake.

If that traffic police officer didn’t had arrived on time, the people showing themselves as relative of the old man might have attacked.

I consider it as a help from God (Allah Almighty) and nothing else,… saving me and my family from such an odd situation

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Debatable Lines – 32 (More then 50% of Pakistan’s population consists of Youth)

Pakistan is a country of above 200 million human beings. It is among the top 10 most populated countries of the world after China, India, Indonesia and more then 51% of the total population of Pakistan consists of youth under 25 years of age (male & female). I have observed (observed through their driving, following of traffic rules & fulfillment of  the desires in the earliest time then targeted) that this is the most impatient nation/population among 200 odd counties of the world.

After the demise of founder of Pakistan (Mr. Jinnah) and first Prime Minister of the Country (Nawabzada Liaqat ALi Khan), no true leader has been found till date who can lead and give the right policy to the nation and especially to youth.

I wonder if that impatience factor among the citizens of Pakistan could have been properly used by any of the leadership since 1951 and given the targets to them, the story of success and power would surly be different then what it is today. 

The other thing is;

You don’t need real atomic bomb to defend yourself or to destroy other country economically, education wise or other when you got your population consists of more then 50% youth (below 25 years of age) which Pakistan has….

Unfortunately, Pakistan never got a true political leader who have had led the country to prosperity and used the youth power and skills for countries success.

(You may agree or not)

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Human instinct for money

One of my very close relative Brigadier (R). S.I.A Naqvi faced a paralysis attack, recently. He is a retired Army Officer, served at the rank of Brigadier. This retired army officer belonged to the low middle class family as his father was a school teacher in Jhang District of Punjab and had managed his livelihood under a very less pay compensated  by the government for his services and in difficult circumstances as he had to feed 7 childrens along with that Brigadier.

That Army Officer  after getting commission served in Engineering Core catering different projects. One thing we know that Army Officer get pay with certain incentives but it is not possible that someone who don’t have the good financial background become millionaire / billionaire under a certain pay package. In the best of my knowledge, he took bribe during his services in Engineering Core and when submitted his financial statements to his institution (during early 80’s & 90’s) with a claim that his brother in law given him money after selling the agriculture land to save himself from any corruption inquiry.

After retirement, he invested that money taken through bribe in purchasing land, developing housing societies, investments in Saving Centers / banks, companies and open his own business and earned a lot of income but it was due to the bribed money.

He lost his son at the age of 44 due to brain hemorrhage when he was working with IFC (International Finance Corporation) at Washington DC.  This Retired Brigadier is still so greedy that even having billions of assets and money and even after loosing one child out of three, willing to grab money coming from any source  and disturbing the rights of others without fear that he has to meet God one day and answer for his deed.


Money or assets cannot give you health and mental relaxation but become a vampire for your life and especially that money which you have earned from negative ways such as by doing corruption, malpractice etc etc

Greed is a curse




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Unpredictable Life 2 – My Colleagues Death

On Monday April 23, 2018 I was on half leave from my job and had to arrive at 11:00 am due to personal work. At 10:15 am, i received a call from my office colleague and he informed that Mr. Imran A. has passed away in the morning due to sudden heart attack when he was coming to Lahore from his home town “Shakargarh”. It was a shocking news as his age was just around 44 but he was a heart patient since 2004. I last met him on Saturday 21st April and left the office in the afternoon with a difference of some minutes.

He was a thorough gentleman having amicable personality, very much witty and had a height of 6.3′. We joined the organization with the difference of one month and worked together for several years. Life is so unpredictable that you cant even imagine of loosing the person so early whom you worked with and had an affiliation. He always given me honor and respect. We had done launch together on several occasions and walked towards home in the nights (after the work timings) even thrice in the last week before his sudden demise. I hardly saw him with anger during the years even he was a patient of high blood pressure and heart disease. The Managing Director of our organization was very much influence of him and his skills.

The interim head of our department has a bit clash with him as the head always considered him as his rival for the position of General Manager which Mr. Imran never wanted to (but may be he also got the desire). That head has tried to disturb him on Saturday 21st April by indulging Mr. Imran in an extra work even knowing that he has to leave for the city (about 3.5 hours from Lahore) on the weekend to meet his children’s and family members. The late Mr. Imran was even very furious on this and even discussed the attitude and behavior with us on the last day of his work. May be this was the cause that might triggered the pressure and taking him to severe heart attack in the morning when he was coming to the working station (city) on Monday or any other mental stress due to family issues or that he might have not went for medical checkups but he was very regular in taking medicines and very careful in taking food free of oil.

We went to attend his funeral ceremony commenced at his home town on the same day of his death. He left 3 children’s with a age of around 11 years (twins) and one daughter about 4 years old.

The other one was  Mr. Ahsan M., my ex-boss (head  of our department) died in 2012. I worked under him for about year and a half. He was going home in the official car towards Johar Town Lahore and when passing the underpass near adjacent to canal, a sign board hit by a truck fell over his car and he got severe injury over his head along with driver. It was a will of Allah Almighty that his driver was safe enough that he got a minor injury on his head and survived whereas Mr. Ahsan sitting very next to him in car died at the spot.

He had two daughters age near 4 or 5 years. A very good man with best attitude towards sub-ordinates, never stopped anyone from taking leave, tried to bear every pressure of work and a food lover. He was the part of interview panel when my job interview was conducted and once told all personnel’s that take the example of Azfar, he tried again and again and got the job.

On the last day, he conducted meeting with all of personals of his department and took ideas for the next development sector project. On the same day of his death, we passed smiles on two or three occasions which i still unable to know the cause that may be he was saying final goodbye to me.

Life is so un-predictable that you never know what gona happen in next minute with you or the other person so we should not hurt any one, not negate the others right he/she claim for and try to fulfill the others desire of all human beings / animals so that God may consider our effort in the best of deeds of our life.

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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …. 3

Following told by my Uncle;

One of my relative went to Samana town of Patiyala city in Punjab of India (about 2009-10) in order to see his house (he & his family used to live before 1947 – partition between India & Pakistan). He visited the streets where he played with his friends (now they are old) and houses in the neighborhood of his mansion.

At around 5:00 pm (evening), a car with a Govt. flag stopped near him. The person in the car belonged to a Sikh family was a on service honorable Judge in the High Court. That Honorable Judge introduced himself and inquired about the purpose of visit of my uncle. When he (Judge) came to know about the purpose of visit and mt uncle’s Pakistani origin, he took my uncle to his nearby home for having a cup of tea. He asked by Uncle to sit in the guest room for a while as he has to greet his mom first.

That Judge having an age of about 55 years went directly into the room where his mother was lying on the bed. He immediately put up his head on the foots of his mother and started massaging her legs. (My uncle was watching this seen as the room was just adjacent to the guestroom).

The mother of the Judge asked;

Bus kerday put….tu thakha hara ayan way…araam ker lay

(Translation in English: Son: please stop massaging my legs…you are already tired of performing the duty for a whole day….and take rest)

He (The honorable Judge) replied to his mother;

Maa….mainoon na rokiya ker… dunya di koi lood naieen tu he meri jannat hai…bus teri mohabat tay asherwad chaiyda

(Translation in English: Mom: please don’t stop me from serving you…I don’t need this world and its luxuries ….you are my heaven on earth….i just need your love and affection)

Just imagine that a 55 year old highly designated personnel of the Court is paying such extreme respect to his mother in each day of his life whereas, we used to ignore our parents and there desires. I have seen people shouting in front of their parents even they are in the old age of their life’s and ignore their contributions for what they did to brought up and given us luxuries and comforts what ever they had……

In Quran, it is stated and ordered to human beings 17:23-24;

Your Lord had decreed, that you worship none save Him, and (that you show) kindness to parents. If one of them or both of them attain old age with you, say not “Fie” unto them nor repulse them, but speak unto them a gracious word. And lower unto them the wing of submission through mercy, and say: My Lord! Have mercy on them both, as they did care for me when I was young.”


In Quran, Chapter: 46 , Verse: 15 (

and we have enjoined on man doing of good to his parents; with trouble did his mother bear him and with trouble did she bring him forth; and the bearing of him and the weaning of him was thirty months; until when he attains his maturity and reaches forty years, he says: my lord! grant me that i may give thanks for thy favor which thou hast bestowed on me and on my parents, and that i may do good which pleases thee and do good to me in respect of my offspring; surely i turn to thee, and surely i am of those who submit


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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …. 2

During school days, many of my friends used to travel either through their own transportation or by public one (School/Government owned Buses/Vans or private vans). One of my close friend (M—n) was a son of highly positioned Government Officer (A bureaucrat) and his mother was a teacher in the same school at that time.

Once in the afternoon, i found him sitting on the school bench aside of main gate awaiting for his private car to pick him up but it couldn’t arrived till 2:30 pm. Upon my question to him about awaiting for a such a long time at school gate, he replied that his car didn’t  arrived yet. I suggested that he may take any public transportation but heard an unorthodox reply;

I (M—n) prefer walking home (which is about 9 km from the school) but never going to use any public transport either cab/taxi or bus”

I asked him why you wont use that and upon that he replied;

I don’t like going through public transportation (means not according to the societal status) and not used to it

After several years, i still think about those sentences and attitude of a my friend whose preferences of life was different then of other humans. May be he had set some level of status for himself in the teenage or got trained with such mind setup.

It is important that parents / family members should provide training to their upcoming generation to live in all circumstances. The upbringing has to be such that children’s wont feel afraid or ashamed  in any part of their life in using either lowest quality or highest quality things /products.

Parents should train children’s in every way like living with luxuries and without, to use own car or public transport, sleeping on the bed or on the floor, high quality food or not etc etc…..


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