Debatable Lines 21 (Check over the children’s even they cross teenage)

Who so ever  maintains Check and balance in life succeed.

Normally, it is observed that some parents maintain strong check & balance over their children’s and many do not. Many consider that children’s should be checked what ever they are doing even they get matured and cross the age of 15 or 18.

I think that it is necessary for the parents to maintain strong check over the children’s even they get the age of 25 or more. The reason behind the argument would be that each child has got different type of habitual nature then that of his/her real brother or sister, some get mature even at the age of only 3 years and many don’t even if they pass 30 years of their life.


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Debatable Lines 21 (….our un-scheduled eating habit gives permission to illness…)

I heard from someone in the ceremony;

“we humans are made to eat everything and there is no life without eating food stuff available wherever and whatever”

Unfortunately i think that our unorthodox type of eating habit and behavior  have given permission to diseases and illness. We humans don’t have a proper schedule to eat and we also don’t love walk to digest the food. The food stuff we used to have in the urban markets is 99% either full of chemicals (sprayed on crops) or artificial stuff available in the market with no check like hen (breeding in farm houses and get good age in 6 weeks).

Our body is a machine, equipped with numerous type of tools and each tool has a certain requirement. The stomach in our body is like a fuel tank of a car and if you inject 3rd category / type of fuel (low in quality) and keep pouring it for several times a day then obviously engine would not give the performance and so as our body.

We help the disease to surround us due to our worst eating behavior and put our self dependent on the medicines and doctors

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Nishan-i-Hussain (proposed award for martyrs of Pakistani Security Forces)


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Debatable Lines 20 (Boundaries of Corruption)

The boundaries of corruption are not limited to the fact that somebody took bribe in any form either gifts, money etc or financial gains through any means or made changes to the public accounts etc.

I consider that corruption involves many things such as if someone (employee) use even paper / office equipment / stationary / eatable items / official car / fuel / servants / phone call / electricity etc for his/her personal use (if he/she has not taken official permission) then it means that person is also corrupt and answerable / accountable.

The question is ” Are we all corrupt because there would be rare number of humans in this world who haven’t used any of the above items for personal use?

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Chawal Boss ……


(The above writing is in Urdu language with apology to all bosses of corporate/organizations)


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Debatable Lines 19 (Pakistan needs a Presidential System of Government)

Since 1989, Pakistan has always seen a fight between the President & Prime Minister over the powers and termination of Prime Minister along with its parliament many a times. Now, the powers of President has been squeezed and he further no more intervene in the PM’s Government nor can terminate. Currently, the designation/constitutional position of President of Pakistan is 100% a burden over the budget as he is not doing anything except attending seminars/degree award ceremonies etc.

The best suited system for Pakistan is Presidential System like of USA and one of the best feature of that system would be that no elected member of his party can pressurize him to make him his cabinet member  and he can involve/hire best technocrats available in the market

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