Sharing a short conversation in form of a request to an under training CSP officer

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If you can easily drive a car in cities of Pakistan then driving will not get difficult in any part of the world…

People claim that if anyone can easily drive a car in Pakistan then driving will not get difficult in any part of the world. Especially in the oldest parts of Lahore city, Karachi, Rawalpindi oldest areas like Mall road, Peshawer and many others.

There are number of reasons that why driving in Pakistan is difficult then that of other countries. Congested roads, huge number of vehicles include motorcycles, rickshaws, loaders, chingchi (also called moon car), luxury cars to oldest cars having age of 80 years, tractor & trolleys, buses and what not.

Majority of the drivers have no sense of diving especially commercial vehicle drivers and Rickshaw divers are on number one position. The drivers obey law only in front of the Traffic Police Officers and when they pass them then they don’t. About 4 years back, no body have cared either they have driving licence or not but after some strong measures taken up by Traffic Police Lahore especially under the supervision of martyred CTO Lahore Capt. Mubeen , people went for exams to get the proper licence. Otherwise, licences were issued to people on the basis of there references / contact with government officials, by giving bribe to traffic officials and even you did’t need to come to the examination center for any type of driving licence exam, you can get it at your home (It happened in Lahore before 2012 or still happening in many parts / provinces of Pakistan).

One principle / thumb rule of safe driving in Lahore city;

You safe your vehicle and i save mine

More then new 200 cars and 500 motorcycles are registered in Lahore city each single day (reports). Government has failed to provide cheap public transport to the inhabitants in Lahore and it is difficult for the inhabitants to move from one place to other with that public buses which are few in number. The roads length & width are same and even taken up by the illegal occupants like shops / commercial buildings etc. Moreover, many high rise commercial building wont have parking floors within their area and they made shops by giving bribes to the building inspectors of government. So, the people used to park on roads make roads more stretch and difficult for drivers to drive properly.

Rickshaws drivers (small passenger carrier found in Pakistan, India & Bangladesh) hate to see left or right & they drive straight, so when ever you see them coming then let them go first & dont disturb them if you want to remain safe from a disaster.


The other worst thing in Pakistan are the motorcyclists (not all but many) which is being drive by all types of age from 8 years old to 80 years. They violate law more then any other vehicle drivers especially they don’t care about signals either they are red or green except if Traffic Sargent’s are standing and have a ticket book in their hands.

You have to keep Rs.500 or more in your pocket for denting or painting of your car in case of any situation when other vehicle hit you from any of the sides or from back even if you are stopped on signal.

The attitudes of drivers are different and hardly any one is accepting his / her mistake of any violation or traffic accident. About three years back, i was moving from China Chowk to Jail road at Lahore when suddenly a pickup van having 7 to 8 school going kids wee coming in my direction as he was not allowed to use the same road in which i was driving. When i said “what are you doing putting your , school kids and my life in danger by taking short cut and violating law”, instead of accepting his mistake he stated shouting on me that he is on the right direction.

The other common thing in Lahore or throughout Pakistan is that all are in a hurry like they have participated in a race and ready to beat others at what ever the cost is. Vehicle drivers especially Rickshaw drivers and motorcyclists try to enter from the wrong side when ever traffic is blocked in order to get away.

Recently, i stopped my car on a turn because one women was crossing the road, another car coming from the opposite direction drove by a young boy started shouting on me that why am i not letting him turn. I was amazed to see that the boy was not seeing someone crossing and he was in so much hurry and lost his patience.

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Some words to say ….. 5

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Debatable Lines – 37 (Does age gap matters in Love?)

Though, its a wise thinking in the society that two individuals (male & female) should be equal in age or have less age gap difference in order to fall in love and then marry. Because of equal or less age gap / difference, they can live a prosperous life together till death and can easily understand each others emotions / sentiments or any other physical requirements. Whereas, society is against those who fall in love or marry having a higher age difference / gap and consider it a sin or against norms / rules. For example, if a 50 & 20 years fall in love or want to marry then society (means we) posses many barriers through words or actions and do not let them do (love or marriage) easily what they want. Its not a matter of Pedophile where rules and law matters but we in the society link it with them.

Many countries may have this rule in their proper law books but i never studied in the books or come across that two individuals with biggest age gap can’t love or marry. On the other side, i have witnessed the successful marriages between these people. For example, one of the Professor having an age around 55 in my current university has married a girl with age around 20 and have a daughter living a prosperous life. The opinion of the students / faculty members of this university is very broaden and they support this type of intervention whereas, the opinion of students / faculty members of my previous university was narrow in nature & they never supported this. I also have witnessed one of my relative have an age of 56 married a 22 years girl now have four children’s and happily living a life since last 14 years.

In my opinion, love has no age boundaries nor depend upon color or ethnicity. What is the wrong if two people having a wider age difference fall in love with each other (its wrong if its-love is a one sided) and want to live together. They are not killing anyone except others consider themselves being killed due to their own fear that what society will say. It means we support majority due to our fear instead of supporting the right one who are in minority. We should broaden our minds & hearts instead of narrowing it down.

(You may agree or not)

Following are the results of survey being conducted on social media site where about 6251 participants voted either those individuals (male & female) having a wider age gap may fall in love & then marry or they are not allowed to means society is against it (wider age gap is not accepted by the society). Most of the participants who voted were belong to USA & some were from Canada, UK, India, Europe & Australia.

Survey Results

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The great honor i received in life….

For any human being on this planet earth, nothing maters in comparison to his / her own honor, good repute and dignity in the society and in the eyes of people who know him / her in any way. If any one earns billions of dollars and become rich but if people wont respect him then money, richness, position has less value or of no worth & even if people respect him because of his / her money / high position then it is also of no value because the person himself failed to make his her name due to his own attitude or gesture in the society.

I am thankful to God that he has given me honor and dignity among all people i know or they know me in any means either during studies, neighborhood, job, fiends, relatives, followers etc. I don’t know about the future that either i will be able to maintain that level of honor or not or be able to increase in it or decrease it but hopeful for a good result till i am alive and even after that.

Even i am studying now but when ever i used to visit the organizations for which i worked for many years, all employees & former colleagues give me respect and honor and always request me to come back to the organization.

I spent a time working directly under a female head of the institute who was initially the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) then became the Vice Chancellor of the same institute (university). She was very strict and even harsh on many employees but i was the only one that she gave me the respect & honor in the entire tenure and never shouted which she used to on others. Even when i left the organization, CEO offered me to re-join the organization when ever i want to in life. I was among few people who got a proper farewell from the colleagues & subordinates. Then when i joined the other organization, Managing Director of the company was always respectful and given me preference over other employees for work assignments.

Even, one of the famous comedian social media personality & celebrity gave me respect in his video on my profile for which i thank him and because of the remarks in his video, followers consider me as legend, hero, king and it developed a respect / honor in their minds and hearts.

May be getting honor in the world is nothing but a gift of God (Allah Almighty) who has the power to either sink your ship completely deep down in the surface of the sea (in other words can develop disrespect among the people) or take you up to the heights of glory and respect and maintain it till when ever he wants to. May be its a reward by God that i have given respect to each and every single individual whom i met or never.

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Career question in Pakistan…?

In Pakistan, selecting right studies / career after high school is one of the major problem. Major percentage of students wont get any type of guidance & it poses a question that which line of study should they adopt after clearing secondary school or college exams which is called F.Sc. F.Sc students find it more difficult situation who un-able to get admission in medical or engineering colleges / universities. In our country or even in South Asian countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal there is no system that may identify the student capabilities and help him in choosing the right type of career studies. For example, if you have more capability and inclination towards arts but you adopt the way (F.Sc) to become a doctor or engineer and then fail to achieve admission resulting in a mess.

If we conduct a survey, then we will going to find that parents are more inclined in making their children’s either Doctor or Engineer. It is not only their dream but also becoming Doctor or Engineer is a sign of prestige and honor in the society and people consider it as the child is very intelligent and hard working. Also, higher earnings are possible by becoming a doctor even you may get good marriage proposal (hehehe….). But since emergence of computer science in late 90’s in Pakistan, students have found a different career path and now job market has opened new areas as well.

Lets see that after doing F.A/F.Sc/ICS (11 & 12th grade) what other careers are available apart from becoming Doctor or Engineer (Civil, Mechanical, Electronics etc) as choice for students within Pakistan which become better source of earning and you can job as well….

  • Chartered Accountancy – CA (5 years)
  • ACCA (4 years)
  • Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA Hons – 4 years)
  • MBA especially in Marketing & HR (all time in)
  • Software Engineering
  • Architecture
  • 4 years BS-Hons in Fashion Design – numerous jobs are available as well as you can start career as entrepreneur (I saw very good careers of students by working in Fashion University that students normally start their earnings from minimum Rs.25000/- or above after graduating but it also depend upon that how well reputable your institute is )
  • 4 years BS-Hons in Textile Design (Jobs in textile industry or with fashion design companies)
  • 4 years BS-Hons in Furniture Design (Jobs in furniture industry or work as an entrepreneur) companies)
  • 4 years BS-Hons in Leather Design (Jobs in leather industry or with fashion design companies)
  • 4 years BS-Hons in Communication Design (knowledge of technical software’s like Adobe Photoshop, animation etc….many jobs are available with advertising and private Tv channels)
  • 5 years degree in Pharmacy (numerous jobs are available in pharmaceutical industry and even you can start your own medical store and jobs are available in hospitals)
  • 4 years degree in Journalism / Mass Communication or even Masters (numerous jobs are available since opening of private tv channels in Pakistan)
  • Geographical Information System (GIS) – (a high requirement in government and private sector for satellite based making maps)
  • Diploma in Civil or Electrical Engineering
  • Education Management (M.Phil, Masters)
  • BS Hons or MA in Sociology, Anthropology (Career in NGO/Government or social sector but now very few jobs are available)
  • Law (LLB or LLM) – but you have to struggle for many years to make your name if there is no one from you family or friends already practicing however this degree help in getting jobs in government and private sector like banks, corporate’s who need law graduates to manage their legal affairs
  • Induction in Pakistan Amy / Air force / Navy as a full Commissioned Officer – (You can join these forces directly after doing 12th grade i.e. F.Sc or FA)

There are other career choices which has a very limited jobs in Pakistan

  • MS in Chemistry, Physics, Maths (You can only become teacher in college or university otherwise there are very few jobs in market)
  • MA in Urdu, English or other languages ( there are very few jobs in market)
  • B.Com
  • MA Political Science
  • Environment Science / Management
  • Degree in Quality Assurance
  • Arts subjects like Fine Arts, miniature (for which jobs are very few but you can earn by selling your own product or become faculty member in any college or university)

The life time and most powerful career in Pakistan is through these following high government positioned exams held once in a year conducted by Federal or Provincial Public Service Commission which can be attempted after doing graduation and in between 22 to 28 years of age…

  • Competitive Exams i.e. called CSS
  • Provincial Management Service (PMS)

I will urge never do simple graduation like BA except mixing it with any technical studies because simple BA or MA in any language subjects has no value in Pakistan except you become clerk or driver or waiter or remain jobless.

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