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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …. 5 (Driving my car for the first time….)

When i completed my graduation studies and was awaiting for the final result, my father decided that i should take car driving classes under a instructor from any reputable firm. I initially took one week vehicle driving classes and it was extended for one more week after the consultation of my father with the company to have a strong solid grip over driving in the rushy areas of the city. The car i drove during the classes had a double control system with the instructor. After completing the car driving classes, i never drove my own or any other car for one whole year. May be, my father was not much convinced with the learning as well as reluctant to take risk (every parent is too careful) and never given permission to drove the car.

One day, when i woke up at about 6:15 am in the morning and witnessed my father had a paralysis attack when he was walking towards another room but was unaware of the problem he suffered (due to unconsciousness after a sleep). He had a surgery of prostate at the local hospital on the same day which was cancelled later due to the issue. Right side of his body was not working and had a problem with speaking ability. He asked me during the movement “Why you woke up so early” and i replied that i am planning to go for a morning walk. I suddenly went to my Mom’s room and informed her about the problem and paralysis attack. She immediately called family doctor and upon his advice we decided that till the  arrival of the doctor, we could not tell him about the issue and show that a minor problem has effected his one hand. My father went back to sleep and was not properly aware / conscious of the issue he was facing nor we informed him.

The doctor checked my father and informed that he has suffered a problem due to blockage by a clot in the brain. We were undecided that either we could take him to the emergency in the hospital or await till he woke up. Till that time, my families doctor and another relative consulted with his colleagues and decided that my father could be taken directly to a specialist named Dr. Javed Akram (of Medicine) had a private hospital at Jail road, Lahore instead of any government hospital (where immediate attention was impossible due to lack of facilities and extreme rush). Dr. Javaid Akram was working at the rank of Professor at King Edward Medical College  & Mayo Hospital Lahore (Asia’s largest hospital) at that time as he was an employee of the government. I took my father to his private hospital at about 4:30 pm and it was the first time that i drove my families car after taking driving classes and passing of a whole year.

The doctor arrived at 6:30 pm and checked my father by using different medical instruments and admitted him in the ICU for immediate medication. After several tests and a City Scan, he informed about the blood clots in the brain. I along with my mother awaited outside the ICU. At about 11:45 pm (after 4 hours of the initial checkup and continuous medication), Dr. Javiad Akram informed us that my father has recovered 98% of the attack and only his face will require some days with physical therapy to get back to the original position. We thanked Allah Almighty (God) for his blessings and the doctor for the services.

It was really a miracle that my father was fine and recovered from the paralysis with in 24 hours from the time of the start of the attack. My father was happy that i drove the car to the hospital on that day as he was sitting along side with me. During the 9 days till the time he was released from the hospital, i drove my car on daily basis brought food items / medicines or fulfilling other requirements.

The gained knowledge at any time of life always help in overcoming issue

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Illegal fees taken up by the Security Guards of Liberty Market Lahore

Pakistan is a country of historic and cultural importance. Lahore, the heart of this throbbing culture and history, was referred by Max Robinson as the “Pearl of the Punjab” in his article “Rebranding Lahore”.

Liberty Market is one of the most popular & oldest markets in Lahore, Pakistan located on besides Main Boulevard Gulberg. The liberty market is an all time favorite place for shopping lovers. Foreigners love to visit this market having more then 500 shops of all kinds for women, men and kids after Anarkali Bazar. In Liberty Market you can buy everything for men, women and kids including quality of jewelry, fabrics, electronics and much more.



Government has appointed about 8 to 10 guards to provide security to the incoming visitors on monthly salary.

Many people used to make several Mini stalls in the evenings and sell their products & food items in the walking area as well as in-front of regular shops which is considered as illegal by the government but allowed by the Market Association. The security guards appointed by the Government responsible to restore peace and help the incoming tourist always take bribe/illegal fees from the mini stall holders on daily basis and product sellers amounting from Rs.300/- to Rs.1,000/- depending upon the size of stall and person.

Just consider that if 300 mini stalls and 300 walking sellers (include beggars) used to display and sit in the area then the amount of bribe/illegal fees taken by these guards on daily basis is in millions per month apart from getting their salaries. (Suppose Rs. 400/day/stall is charged from 300 mini stall holders then amount goes to Rs.120,000/- equal to $1016 @Rs.118 per $1 US Dollarsand – Rs.200/day/walking seller is charged from 300 walking sellers [including beggars] then amount goes to Rs.60,000/day equivalent to $509  @Rs.118 per $1 US Dollars) it becomes Rs.120,000 + Rs.60,000 = Rs. 1,80,000/day and considering for a month Rs.180,000 x 30 = Rs. 54,00,000 equal to $45,762/month @Rs.118 per $1 US Dollars).

No government official has taken any notice of such illegal fees by the security guards of Liberty Market from the daily mini stall holders and walking sellers. There is a rumor that  these security guards share a handy money out of the total illegal income with a mafia includes local Police Officials, Government Officials (Officials of City District Govt.) and leaders of Liberty Market Association.


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Debatable Lines – 34 (No end of human desires)

Aristotle once said that “Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human”

The human desires has no end and he/she has turned it to a unlimited greediness. The desire of having more & more has destroyed the peaceful mind & living.

Suppose if;

  • some one has a normal car but he/she is trying to get the luxury one
  • some one has 500 yards house but he/she is looking forward to get one with 1000 yards
  • you got an ordinary watch but a desire to have Rolex or of highest quality
  • if your are getting $5000/month as salary and happily living the life but then desire to reach $10,000/month either by changing the job or getting promotion in the same one
  • you got 1 kg gold in your box but desire to reach to a 100 kg
  • if you have 1 million dollars in account but desire to convert it to Trillion 
  • etc etc

In order to get the desire, we negate / usurps the rights of others even wont afraid in killing others psychologically or physically… Still we are known as HUMAN BEINGS

(You may agree or not)

By Azfar



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Debatable Lines – 33

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Sharing some real Life happenings / experiences …. 4

About 4 years back, i along with my family which included my mother, grand mother and aunt went to Nawab Town area almost in the corner of Lahore City to attend funeral ceremony of a relative. The two way road (about 60 feet wide from each side) was blocked from one side due to the road construction and all vehicles were using the other side of the road (crossing each other). I was driving at the speed of around 40 to 45 km per hour, which was quite slow due to the long que of cars and lawful speed authorized by the Government. Suddenly an old man of about 70 years who was trying to cross the road (even there were no crossing signals & all vehicles were going at a certain speed) struck with front mirror of my car and got injured (his forehead along with left eye started bleeding). I stopped my car immediately and parked it to the side  and went directly to the injured person.

By the grace of God, no part of his body was damaged except bleeding from the cuts in nearby eye side and on his forehead. His clothes indicated that he belonged to the village. People started gathering and shouting instead of providing immediate medical help to the old man and pin pointed me that “you (means me) are responsible for his injuries and negligently drove the car with extra speed”. The gathering of people was getting larger in size by passing of each minute and almost become a mob (out of control). However, i kept my nerves controlled and didn’t spoke a single word except standing and helping the injured man to control his bleeding. Some people who were exposing as close relatives of that old man started shouting and abusing me and it seems that they could attack me with anger as i was alone in the situation. But suddenly a traffic police officer stepped up like an angel and immediately stopped those few people showing extra anger from taking any unlawful step or attack on me.

The Traffic Police Officer asked the injured old man that who is responsible for the accident. The old man accepted his mistake that he was trying to cross the road in a hurry without noticing the vehicles of one side coming to his way and now has no issues with me. The Police Officer then asked the old man that can he (means me) go now or you want to take him in the court. The old man replied that no i don’t want to and its my mistake.

If that traffic police officer didn’t had arrived on time, the people showing themselves as relative of the old man might have attacked.

I consider it as a help from God (Allah Almighty) and nothing else,… saving me and my family from such an odd situation

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Debatable Lines – 32 (More then 50% of Pakistan’s population consists of Youth)

Pakistan is a country of above 200 million human beings. It is among the top 10 most populated countries of the world after China, India, Indonesia and more then 51% of the total population of Pakistan consists of youth under 25 years of age (male & female). I have observed (observed through their driving, following of traffic rules & fulfillment of  the desires in the earliest time then targeted) that this is the most impatient nation/population among 200 odd counties of the world.

After the demise of founder of Pakistan (Mr. Jinnah) and first Prime Minister of the Country (Nawabzada Liaqat ALi Khan), no true leader has been found till date who can lead and give the right policy to the nation and especially to youth.

I wonder if that impatience factor among the citizens of Pakistan could have been properly used by any of the leadership since 1951 and given the targets to them, the story of success and power would surly be different then what it is today. 

The other thing is;

You don’t need real atomic bomb to defend yourself or to destroy other country economically, education wise or other when you got your population consists of more then 50% youth (below 25 years of age) which Pakistan has….

Unfortunately, Pakistan never got a true political leader who have had led the country to prosperity and used the youth power and skills for countries success.

(You may agree or not)

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