We (Humans) are Traitors ??? Not all but many…..

When ever a word traitor is used or someone pronounce our name with this word, it not only sounds awkward but also we feel ashamed even we haven’t done wrong in any means.  Here, the word traitor used for human beings is not for calculating their love for their organization or country but i consider that God (Allah Almighty) is our only Master and we all humans are answerable to him. And when we do not full fill the obligations morally made binding on us by the God and negate his directions then humans should be called traitor.

I saw a stray cat who seemed starved and blind with one eye sitting at the corner of my house. I given her milk and some food stuff on daily basis. On the second day, she was showing loyalty as i was her master and she never left the door of my house till now. The God who is our ultimate Master, give us (billions of humans on earth) food without stoppage for a second, take care of us in all calamities, provide us shelter and health, family and wealth etc etc and do not demand any thing except love, good deeds, respect for all humans and creatures.   Whereas, we humans kill his creatures for the sake of our desires, make atrocities on our own fellow beings, usurp the rightful rights of others, and do all those crimes on earth which are totally forbidden in all religions including Islam.

“Then, why not we should be called Traitor”

Because we are breaking the rules set by the God in the holy books and communicated to us by his prophets and saints. By considering these lines, there could not be a single human being on earth getting out of the umbrella of Traitor-ship except pious people like Abdul Sattar Edhi, Mother Teresa and many more.


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Debatable Lines 26 (Coolest people on earth)

The definition in our mind of “who are the Coolest people” is different for all of us. More than 70% human beings (male & female) consider that  gorgeous and handsome looking guys and girls with all external traits (face, height, hairs, complexion, heroic body and work etc etc) are the coolest people on earth. Whereas in reality, the looks and all external traits get expire at a certain age and with passage of time.

I consider that “Coolest people on earth” are those who respect all human beings without considering their cast, creed, sex, color, ethnicity etc, give importance to parents and do not leave them in their old age, fulfill  all obligations towards wife and children’s, help the needy in all circumstances,  are down to earth, love their beloved ones at extreme, ready to sacrifice their life’s for the country and for truth, have power of love and forgiveness on all mistakes, standby with innocents at all level, do not mislead others, wont run for worldly desires (luxuries) at the cost of human life, won’t degrade their fellow beings etc etc.

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Debatable Lines 25 (Tyrannizing the opposite gender by some (not all) dominant & unsecured males)

Tyrannizing the opposite gender by some (not all) dominant & unsecured males in any form is not new but it is as old as the world is. Their use of abusive language, weapons, acids and physical tools for torturing / tyrannizing them is not only a shameful but also a coward act.

I consider that God has made feminine not only equal but also more powerful than man in many aspects / means. They have lighted the world in form of mothers, daughters, sisters, wife and friends.

Those women who easily bend in front of their men and face physical atrocities and don’t retaliate back to defend themselves are equally responsible as their men are.

Females should leave out a concept of being a weaker element of the society. I urge all the feminine of the world to stop the hands of those males without hesitation who use any form of physical tool to torture them otherwise they will keep facing it till the final judgment day

By: Azfar

(You may agree or not)


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Debatable Lines 24 (Policies & its effects)

Policies are made by the country leaders either political or administrative or direct head of any organization. The impact of policy does not confined to a certain small period of time but have an impact for over 100 years.


  1. The policies made by General Zia in Pakistan during his era have made adverse effects after his death and will continue to disturb Pakistan for the next 100 years.
  2. The policy of USA & her alliance to eradicate Bashar-ul-Asad from his regime and support to opposition has made a way for ISIS and destroyed the whole Syria and lives of her inhabitants for at least next 100 years.
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Debatable Lines 23 (Serving humanity should be the aim of life)


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