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Debatable Lines 24 (Policies & its effects)

Policies are made by the country leaders either political or administrative or direct head of any organization. The impact of policy does not confined to a certain small period of time but have an impact for over 100 years.


  1. The policies made by General Zia in Pakistan during his era have made adverse effects after his death and will continue to disturb Pakistan for the next 100 years.
  2. The policy of USA & her alliance to eradicate Bashar-ul-Asad from his regime and support to opposition has made a way for ISIS and destroyed the whole Syria and lives of her inhabitants for at least next 100 years.
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Debatable Lines 23 (Serving humanity should be the aim of life)


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Debatable Lines 22 (Who will punish If Government is a culprit)

We have always seen the governments as responsible for giving/awarding punishment to each citizen upon their violation of countries law and rules but in Pakistan, its different. Here, in many ways, Government encourages the citizens to make violations and then on the basis of that, it punishes them. Citizens start making violations;

  • When the governments deprive her citizens for their equal rights
  • When jobs are not available  in market and people start making crimes to earn from unfair means
  • When the government refuse to listen the genuine demands of her citizens
  • Where government officials take bribe for each work

Main example is found at Jail road Lahore where Government of Punjab has completely vanished signals and people are violating the traffic rules to save fuel and time

The other starts when the Government have got all resources but they show negligence towards the life of citizens. Today (7th Dec, 2016), a plane crashed in between Chitral & Islamabad Pakistan killing more then 30 people including the famous singer Junaid Jamshaid. When the Government knows very well that PIA (Governments own Air Company) has planes which are out of order or they are almost dead machines but still employing them for providing services is a complete negligence. The question is;

Who will take notice or punish the officials of Government of Pakistan…..may be the court of law or only Allah Almighty….

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Debatable Lines 21 (Check over the children’s even they cross teenage)

Who so ever  maintains Check and balance in life succeed.

Normally, it is observed that some parents maintain strong check & balance over their children’s and many do not. Many consider that children’s should be checked what ever they are doing even they get matured and cross the age of 15 or 18.

I think that it is necessary for the parents to maintain strong check over the children’s even they get the age of 25 or more. The reason behind the argument would be that each child has got different type of habitual nature then that of his/her real brother or sister, some get mature even at the age of only 3 years and many don’t even if they pass 30 years of their life.


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