English Poetry

The Cockroach

The Cockroach (I wrote this when i was in 10th grade & published in School Magazine)


;;;;;(Wrote for Music Group –  Nexus);;;;;;


I came to say I love you

Nothing less than die for you

Because of your gesticulation

You gave me in the past

With some audacity and courage

I had ever shown

And the fast beating heart

I came to say you

That I love you

Every day n every evening……………

                                                  I stood hour’s n hours

Sometime near you………………..

                                                Sometimes on the side

Watching you……………………….

                                             As well as waiting for you

Then you passed by me so close………………

                                            With both the eyes on the floor

Your move doesn’t made any sense……………

                                            But made me very tense

It’s an indication…………………………

                                            A sign of separation

                                           A mode of vain

I remember the times………………

                                      It was you and your eyes

Turned my heart………………..

And my feet’s…………..

                               inched always towards you

                               and your side



“Wrote for innocent two brothers, were brutally killed”

“”Silenced City of well knowns….“””

I saw a city of silenced well knowns

A city of closed hearts..

and closed eyes

Where fallen is an honor

and rise is a sin

here blood turns to water

and voice doesn’t role

here gestures are selled

love become crime

and flowers are crushed in no time

here eyes saw everything but say nothing

courage is hide and truth is denied..

I saw a city of silenced well known’s




“””Say it……..“””

Say it what ever you wana say

Say it what ever your heart say
Say it before the sun walks away
and the darkness surrounds the way
Your words will get the desire………
even for which eyes didn’t fired
Words will play their role
and become a heart beat of your soul
otherwise time wont stay…
and life will play its natural game
with tears & sorrow till world would stay
So say it before any delay…..

“””””When I will Love…“””””

When I will Love……..

I will love at extreme

Will make you part of my dream…

without blinking my eyes, will watch you

for hours n hours through out my life

Praise you like God is praised

And protect you from every layer

I will take care of you……

more then I do for my soul

When I will love you…..I will love you at extreme




“”””The Promise“”””

The Promise…

I will make with you

either in my heart or in front of you

by kepting your hand

and say every word loudly….

which will be final, also everlasting

and unshakable…..

will never gona break that….

and will never hide that

full fill it even life wont long…..

as well as time  don’t stand

make every word of my promise

a reality and a truth….


“”””Only God will decide my fate“”””

Let the God to make my fate

Bright or with dark shade

Hollow or with solid base

Either zigzag or all the way straight

Single second or thousands of hours late

In a success or in failure state

Only the God will make my fate

He is powerful n merciful

Kind and gracious

I can ever wait for his grace

With all open gates

Efforts that I can put

With heart n soul in it

I can only pray to my end

Will bow and ever bend

God will decide my steps

If I have to jump

Or take a long rest

I will try my hard

Convincing him is my part

Acceptance is his way

Let the God to decide my way



Where ever you go

I will follow you back

all your footsteps

in the world and in the skies

Where ever you move

where ever you gona stay

what ever will be your way

you will remain in my eyes

will watch you from all sides

even from behind

will not let you know

but follow you always

even if i live in sky

will move with you

as stars move

in the sky

touch you

like a wind

become a cloud

and cove you

from rays

will keep realizing you

that i am with you



You will never forget me

You will not and ………….

                       Never been able to

                       Forget me

                      For ever n ever

Even if you will become……………

                       Part of someone else

                       Your heart will remain

                       Divert her directions

                       All and all towards me

Even if you sell yourself legally…..

                       Become a part of a document easily

                       Your soul will remain separate

                       Because it was my part

                       And it shall always live with me

When your hands move……..

                       In the hands of other

                       But each part of your body

                       Will become dead

                       And never accept till

                       I touch you and make your part alive

The time you spend in the world…

                       without me & with one for whom

                       you are not made for

                       your lost soul will move you

                       towards your heart’s actual goal

                       That was and shall always be me

The memories will live forever…..

                      in your brain and

                      as fresh as they can

                     even if you try to forget

                     you will gona fail and regret

The time we had shared together….

                      is more stronger and powerful

                     then ever

                    will keep shaking you

                    and realizing you

 that you are made for me 

You will not been able to………..

 forget me

because your heart

has never left me


Come back please come back

was always with you

still waiting for you

because I love you

i will hold you in my arms

will not let you go

and always take take care of you

because i love you


MY SOLDIER’S (dedicated to Pakistan Army Men)

My soldier’s my men

my heart beat & my nations strength

the brave & the legends

courageous & the powerful

their roar frightens the opponents

they move forward like a loin

attacking the bunch

& just leaving the bones

guns in their hands

and fingers on the roll

running towards the fire

like a fast destroying gale

without fear & hesitation

and with not a single regret

they giving their blood

for the mother land

they die & live forever

their each moving step

towards the glory

their uniform are the grave clothes


Walking alone …..

towards the end of town

leaving your city

and all decade of memories with you

the pain and agony

our laugh and cheer

just leaving behind

what ever was there

with empty hands and heart

Walking alone …..

towards the end of town

by passing each corner and tree

flowers and there fragrance are stopping me

there unconventional love

without any boundary

wind is blocking my steps

at the end of my way

now nothing remains important for me

Walking alone …..

towards the end of town

leaving all things behind

because they have never felt

the way i like it to be

my each moving step

separating my existence from the soul

had never thought a life and the last breath

without your presence and role

Walking alone …..

towards the end of town


Let me…

hold your hands

say you my desire

and walk with you

slowly & steadily…

till the end of life

Let me…

dance with you

on the music of your choice

you in my arms


Let me…

sit with you

listening to your voice

your un-ending words

Let me…

make a home in your heart

where i will live forever

become a heart beat of your soul

Let me…. Let me…


When would you say that……

you love me

you like me

you can’t live without me

When would you….

sit with me

talk to me

say me what ever you feel about me

When would you gona…..

hug me

eat with me

& cuddle with me



Love everything about you

love every bit of you

the way you talk

and the way you walk

the words you spoke

with voice or just whisper



In a world of billions

& among the stars of trillions

I found you and only you……

In the universe

you are the only one

That i wana live with

& wana stay with

in your life

and in your heart

forever …….and…. ever

Will love everything about you

and gona love every bit of you

the way you will talk

and the way you gona walk

the words you will speak

with voice or just whisper

When you close your eyes

and give a cute smile

love forever ……and…… ever


If You

if you do come back to me

I will (ill) not let you go again……again again

if you do again fall in love with me (if you love me back again)

i will return the same love to you (I will give back my love to you) to you….. to you

If you take one step towards (for) me

I will take all steps towards (for) you ….. for you….for you….for you

If you…….If you….If youuuuuuu

If you…….If you….If youuuuuuu


If you ever try to go away from me (away if you go from me)

I will stop you from going ….from going….from going

If you try to hide yourself

I will search you out with all means…. all means….all means

If you may forgive me again

I will not repeat the mistakes again…






whenever I step forward

whenever I step forward

to say whatever …….

is in my heart ……

and in my soul

for you alone

in this whole world

but suddenly stop…..

all my footsteps

with a fear

that your one word

may be its “no”

will kill all my hopes

and all my desires

that i made in my dreams

either in day or night

in every second of life

so then i steps back……..

as always but hope emerges

again and again

and i take step forward

and then again step back

it seems that i am weak

and fear of loosing you

has surrounded me

though you were never mine physically

but i always had felt that your soul

is with me always

however, time is running

and life will end

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