About Me

My name is Azfar Abbas. Belong to a noble cast i.e. Sayed (Naqvi). Meaning of my name “Azfar” in arabic is winnerest / victorious.

Born on Friday, 27th April @ around 8:30 pm night……… 1st Jamadul Awal (Islamic Date).

A qualified M.P.A (MPA means Member of Provincial Assembly  …..just kidding,…………hahahaha), worked with my parent organization i.e. IBRD (The World Bank). Served Pakistan’s Top Fashion Institute “PIFD”. Currently, studying in a university….”STUDENT Again” at School of Education – LUMS for M.Phil Degree in Education Leadership and Management

Writing a Urdu novel “Milaap” & English novel “D.Fight” . Trying to turn my heart beats into words through WordPress.

I am Lahoree by birth, Taurian by star (27th April), music freak, a writer, poet, a food lover & still Single.

(Why am i writing all this……….because my writing is not accepted by any newspaper/magazine to be published  (Just kidding) and  I think someone will may read my stuff in my life or after my life and possibly gona appreciate or hate & it is also possible that i may get any AWARD and someone will may make a biopic on me before or after my life because of this writing (Hehehehe……..) ….I write in a flow so it (writing) would surely contain many Grammatical mistakes ……..

I request you if possible give comments or rate my writing ……………


I am thankful to all of you for visiting my site and reading my stuff” d13-1

1 Response to About Me

  1. jafa5 jfar says:

    thank You for you’re good of services Azar.

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