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My name “Azfar Abbas”….

It is been said that meaning of names depicts and develops the personality of human being. In Islamic religion and even in others too, a newly born child is being given name by parents / siblings / grandparents / or others on some following basis….

  • meaning of name should be beautiful,
  • name has to be beautiful when you pronounce it or
  • naming a child on the basis of a personality (religious, noble/famous, film star, leader etc” you as a parent may have in your mind

When i was born on 27th April at 8:30 pm night, my grand father chosen the name “Azfar” for me. This name was rare at that time and very unique. It is a arabic word and it means “victorious” and present in holy Book “Quran”, “27th Para – Qala Fama Khatbukum”. My grandfather had a Masters degree in Arabic from Aligarh Muslim University India (Ali-Garh Muslim University was equivalent in status of Harvard University-USA during 1850 to 1970) so he used astrological numeric numbers according to my zodiac sign and after calculation found this name in holy book Quran for me. My real aunt (sister of my father) saw a dream before my birth that a boy has been born in the house of her brother and he has been named “Akbar Abbas” in the honor of Hazrat Ali Akbar A.S & Hazrat Abbas A.S (son & beloved brother of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S) …….however, my parents decided to use Azfar as first name given by my grandfather and Abbas from my aunt’s dream. so it became Azfar Abbas.

Abbas name meaning in english are lion, stern. So, when we combine Azfar & Abbas together then it means “Victorious Lion“.

I remember when ever anyone asked my name in my childhood, they used to see it with amazing eyes as they had never listened such name before. There were about more then 1100 students in my school and even more then 3000 students in the college, more then 80 staff members in the organization where i worked, no one had this name and i was unique among all due to this name. But now it is getting popular and name is getting viral. Many family members named their kids on my name and even i some times think that people having the same name have copied (hehehehe…just a assumption).

Other is that people find difficult to pronounce Azfar not only in English but in our national language i.e. Urdu. I have to repeat many a times or have to write on paper for them to read and say. When we write the same name Azfar in Urdu with different alphabets, the meaning becomes different like Esfar, Asfer with (Urdu Alphabets: zuaad, seen, zay, zaal coming after Alif)

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Some words to say…… 3

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Some Words to Say …… 2

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Marriage beuro / Match making Companies…. a profitable business in Pakistan or South Asian Countries

Marriage is the intimate union and equal partnership of a man and a woman. This is a legal binding and a contract between male and female and they start their families and bring children’s in the world who become their representatives and this process goes on and on. There are number of ways by using those you become partner of each other like you directly propose other person for marriage and live together on the basis of love, other is parents settle down the relationship of their kids which is majorly happening in South Asian Countries (Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sirilanka and gulf countries as well).

There are many conservative families in the South Asia who never like that their kids take decisions on their own for selecting each others partner and then marry. They don’t allow these type of marriages and don’t accept them in any case. Many families / parents only want that their kids should marry within their families like with cousins,family friends etc. But there are numerous families / parents who allow their kids to select their partner and let them know so they use proper channel to contact the other families for proper marriage function. Many marry in law courts without considering their families opposition against their decision. Those young ones who choose each other on the basis of likeness and love and marry are in the most comfortable position along with the ones who marry within their families where their marriage is settle by their elders or at least someone is their to become their partner. But those who don’t go for love marriage nor they have anyone in their families or even if they have but parents are not ready to marry them within the family due to number of reasons are facing real problems.

The other reason of hiring the services of marriage companies or personnel’s is that parents / families want a real match on the basis of status, job, business, education, class, cast etc like the other group should be having a good status in the society (money, bank balance, land, house) or the kid should be earning a handsome amount from job or business, have foreign education or citizenship through which they take their kids abroad, or cast of their own likeness etc. Moreover, who have daughters in their houses are very much worried and they seek services of these marriage beuro’s or individual consultants. Then parents use/hire the services of marriage beuro’s / match making companies for getting right proposal for their kids especially for their daughters. Unfortunately, parents are even now getting their daughters marry to the Chinese Nationals because they are not getting right match over here in their own country due to many reasons and its a news in the media these days that these Chinese people use these girls in prostitute business in China or for any other purpose instead of living a happy married life.

In Pakistan, this is the most profitable business where your expense comes on your phone calls and you earn from Rs.20,000/- to Rs. 5,00,000/- (if dollar rate is $1 = Rs.140/- then it would become $143 to $3571) for one match making. It means the person who is coordinating between two families earns from both the sides after successfully negotiations and acceptance of each other. This business is run not only on the basis of having proper offices but also on the individual basis through phone calls and advertisements in the news paper. The perfect thing in this business is that you don’t have to pay a single penny as tax to the government nor the government demands. Male ad females are both involve in running the business as an entrepreneur and females are mostly successful or in other words, females are the pioneers of this business.

These business entities ../ companies take registration non-refundable fee which starts from Rs.500/- to Rs.25,000/– or beyond for only registering yourself as a candidate with them and they call it as a expense towards making a right match or a phone call expense for doing a coordination effort. Then if they get successful they charge you a certain amount. It is also very pertinent to mention that it is not necessary that if you have given them the membership/registration charges then you will keep getting the proposal options from their side, it is possible that after showing you 2 to 3 proposals they may stop and wont call you back.Just imagine that if they have taken registration fee from 100 people lets say about Rs.5000/- then their just earning from only registration fee would be Rs.5,00,000/- ($3571) which they can earn in one hour to one day to 10 days or in a month etc. Its just a example of their earning from only 100 people / clients and even you may consider their marketing effort and number of people who are very worried to marry their kids especially daughters in no time, their earnings from only registration fee would be 10 times more then what i have stated earlier.

Then comes their normal fee after successfully coordinating between two families and getting the acceptance signal from both the sides. They charge from Rs.30,000/- to Rs.5,00,000/- (Five hundred thousand) from one side(if dollar rate is $1 = Rs.140/- then it would become $215 to $3571) . It means if they are taking suppose Rs. 2,00,000/- from one side then two side earning will become Rs.4,00,000/- (four hundred thousand) for one marriage proposal settlement and if they settle assumingly 10 marriages in a month then their earning goes to Rs.4,00,000 x 10 = Rs. 40,00,000 (Four million rupees) in a single month (if dollar rate is $1 = Rs.140/- then it would become $28571) .

What a great business……

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Love behind Silence

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Some words to say…..


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