If you can easily drive a car in cities of Pakistan then driving will not get difficult in any part of the world…

People claim that if anyone can easily drive a car in Pakistan then driving will not get difficult in any part of the world. Especially in the oldest parts of Lahore city, Karachi, Rawalpindi oldest areas like Mall road, Peshawer and many others.

There are number of reasons that why driving in Pakistan is difficult then that of other countries. Congested roads, huge number of vehicles include motorcycles, rickshaws, loaders, chingchi (also called moon car), luxury cars to oldest cars having age of 80 years, tractor & trolleys, buses and what not.

Majority of the drivers have no sense of diving especially commercial vehicle drivers and Rickshaw divers are on number one position. The drivers obey law only in front of the Traffic Police Officers and when they pass them then they don’t. About 4 years back, no body have cared either they have driving licence or not but after some strong measures taken up by Traffic Police Lahore especially under the supervision of martyred CTO Lahore Capt. Mubeen , people went for exams to get the proper licence. Otherwise, licences were issued to people on the basis of there references / contact with government officials, by giving bribe to traffic officials and even you did’t need to come to the examination center for any type of driving licence exam, you can get it at your home (It happened in Lahore before 2012 or still happening in many parts / provinces of Pakistan).

One principle / thumb rule of safe driving in Lahore city;

You safe your vehicle and i save mine

More then new 200 cars and 500 motorcycles are registered in Lahore city each single day (reports). Government has failed to provide cheap public transport to the inhabitants in Lahore and it is difficult for the inhabitants to move from one place to other with that public buses which are few in number. The roads length & width are same and even taken up by the illegal occupants like shops / commercial buildings etc. Moreover, many high rise commercial building wont have parking floors within their area and they made shops by giving bribes to the building inspectors of government. So, the people used to park on roads make roads more stretch and difficult for drivers to drive properly.

Rickshaws drivers (small passenger carrier found in Pakistan, India & Bangladesh) hate to see left or right & they drive straight, so when ever you see them coming then let them go first & dont disturb them if you want to remain safe from a disaster.


The other worst thing in Pakistan are the motorcyclists (not all but many) which is being drive by all types of age from 8 years old to 80 years. They violate law more then any other vehicle drivers especially they don’t care about signals either they are red or green except if Traffic Sargent’s are standing and have a ticket book in their hands.

You have to keep Rs.500 or more in your pocket for denting or painting of your car in case of any situation when other vehicle hit you from any of the sides or from back even if you are stopped on signal.

The attitudes of drivers are different and hardly any one is accepting his / her mistake of any violation or traffic accident. About three years back, i was moving from China Chowk to Jail road at Lahore when suddenly a pickup van having 7 to 8 school going kids wee coming in my direction as he was not allowed to use the same road in which i was driving. When i said “what are you doing putting your , school kids and my life in danger by taking short cut and violating law”, instead of accepting his mistake he stated shouting on me that he is on the right direction.

The other common thing in Lahore or throughout Pakistan is that all are in a hurry like they have participated in a race and ready to beat others at what ever the cost is. Vehicle drivers especially Rickshaw drivers and motorcyclists try to enter from the wrong side when ever traffic is blocked in order to get away.

Recently, i stopped my car on a turn because one women was crossing the road, another car coming from the opposite direction drove by a young boy started shouting on me that why am i not letting him turn. I was amazed to see that the boy was not seeing someone crossing and he was in so much hurry and lost his patience.

About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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