Debatable Lines – 37 (Does age gap matters in Love?)

Though, its a wise thinking in the society that two individuals (male & female) should be equal in age or have less age gap difference in order to fall in love and then marry. Because of equal or less age gap / difference, they can live a prosperous life together till death and can easily understand each others emotions / sentiments or any other physical requirements. Whereas, society is against those who fall in love or marry having a higher age difference / gap and consider it a sin or against norms / rules. For example, if a 50 & 20 years fall in love or want to marry then society (means we) posses many barriers through words or actions and do not let them do (love or marriage) easily what they want. Its not a matter of Pedophile where rules and law matters but we in the society link it with them.

Many countries may have this rule in their proper law books but i never studied in the books or come across that two individuals with biggest age gap can’t love or marry. On the other side, i have witnessed the successful marriages between these people. For example, one of the Professor having an age around 55 in my current university has married a girl with age around 20 and have a daughter living a prosperous life. The opinion of the students / faculty members of this university is very broaden and they support this type of intervention whereas, the opinion of students / faculty members of my previous university was narrow in nature & they never supported this. I also have witnessed one of my relative have an age of 56 married a 22 years girl now have four children’s and happily living a life since last 14 years.

In my opinion, love has no age boundaries nor depend upon color or ethnicity. What is the wrong if two people having a wider age difference fall in love with each other (its wrong if its-love is a one sided) and want to live together. They are not killing anyone except others consider themselves being killed due to their own fear that what society will say. It means we support majority due to our fear instead of supporting the right one who are in minority. We should broaden our minds & hearts instead of narrowing it down.

(You may agree or not)

Following are the results of survey being conducted on social media site where about 6251 participants voted either those individuals (male & female) having a wider age gap may fall in love & then marry or they are not allowed to means society is against it (wider age gap is not accepted by the society). Most of the participants who voted were belong to USA & some were from Canada, UK, India, Europe & Australia.

Survey Results

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