Difficulties after human death in Asian Countries

We used to hear and know that living in this world is difficult due to the high expense of managing daily livelihood. But in Asian countries, families of the expired/deceased person find more problems in performing his/her funeral activities. In India & Pakistan, you certainly need a huge amount of money to fulfill the last ceremonial activities of the expired person of your family or friend  according to the rituals of the religion and human made norms of the society.  Many easily manages the certainly emerged need due to having adequate income sources whereas, other find it extremely hard on this occasion and request other people (from family, friends etc) for help. Even they take loan to perform the required activities.

Immediate after death expenses are as follow;

  • getting a space in the graveyard require minimum Rs.15000/- to Rs. 90,000/- ($133 to $798) or more in urban areas of Pakistan to get the expired man buried (these days, space in some graveyards are available according to class level). Many have to give bribe to the incharge graveyard in order to get the desired place especially in government owned graveyards where space is not available but only the incharge know
  • family of the deceased need money to buy material to perform the religious death rituals such as body wash & white cloth is required to cover  it.
  • Normally a special person is hired in urban areas (cities) for services to do all work (body wash, fulfilling religious obligations etc) on high charges i.e. from Rs.2000 to Rs. 10,000) even many volunteer or do not charge
  • deceased family has to make arrangements for the guests arriving at their home (chairs, tents, food etc). Most of the guests lives with the deceased family for more then 10 days or even a month in the name of condolence (just imagine the situation when u have lost someone dearest & you are in shock and you are also catering the burden of guests by serving them food etc and they don’t want to go back to their home….hehehehe)
  • Shifting the body to graveyard, sometimes vehicle is required and it charges alot of money especially when you have to shift the body from one city to other on the desire of deceased
  • Religious figure charges money for offering final funeral prayers

About 15 years back, people coming for condolence with the family of deceased used to sit on floor at the carpets / rugs because of norms of society  but now u need chairs/sofas and obviously it cost more then the rented cost of carpets

A good factor of the society especially in rural and small cities in Indo-Pak sub-continent is that many family relatives, neighbors, friends, NGOs support the deceased family in this circumstances either through money or material but it is getting rare. If the government may make certain laws and take actions by binding the owners of graveyard not to take any money in terms of providing space then burden will be reduced on the deceased family.


About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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