My Food TASTE Experience at Lahore

Lahore city is a hub and renowned for its food and delicious dishes in the whole world. There are several food corners/restaurants (except to those below listed down) offer much with taste and menu as well as of quality. Some food points/restaurants which have a real taste that i experienced in the past several years are as follows;

  • Burgers:
    • Hardies
    •  KFC
    • Rizwan at Main Market Gulberg (Cost: Rs. 150/- onward)
    • Topline at mini market, Gulberg  (Cost: Rs. 150/- onward)
    • Burger Hub at MM Alam road, Gulberg
    • Temple road
  • Karahi (Chicken/Beef or Dumba)
    • Bhatti at Mozang Chungi (Cost: 1 kg = Rs. 800/- to Rs.1200/-)
    • Sarhad Hotel in Gulberg (Dumba karahi)
    • Kashmir at Lakshmi Chowk
    • Butt (Temple road, Lakshmi) Rs.850/- & Rs.1600/-
    • Charsi Peshawer Dumba Karahi (Rs.1300/-)
  • Chicken/Beef  Tikka/kabab/dumchi etc
    • Hira Chargha house at Temple road
    • Zakir tikka
    • Dongi Ground Samnabad (for Dumchi)
    • Waris road (for Dumchi)
    • Mama kabab at temple road
    • Behind The Mall/Bahria Tower Cantt
    • Chowk Chuburgi
    • Temple road
  • Niharai
    • Muhammadi Nihari House (Mozang Chungi)
    • Waris Nihari (Moon Market Iqbal Town)
  • Pizza
    • Jalal Sons at Main Market Gulberg (Cost: Rs.450/- onward)
    • Pizza Hutt branch at Mall road
    • Cosa Nostra
  • Coffee
    • Coffee Tea & Company at Hussain Chowk, Gulberg
    • Shadman Market
  • Fish
    • Hera Chargha house (temple road)
    • Khada Fish near Khizra Masjid Dongi Ground Samanabad (Cost: Rs. 850/-)
    • Bashir (only Qazafi Stadium Branch)
  • Dahibaray/Fruit Chaat
    • At Regal Chowk
    • Barkat Market
    • Bombay Choupati restaurant at M.M Alam Road Gulberg
    • behind Liberty Market
    • Samanabad Goll Chakar
  • Morning Breakfast
    • Siripaye
      • Temple road
    • Halwa Puri
      • Temple road
      • Purani Anarkali
      • Wahdat road
    • Chanay Naaan (Breakfast/lunch/dinner)
      • Temple Road
      • Tooba restaurant, Lakshmi Chowk
      • Near Choaifaat School, Jouhar Town
  • Shawarma
    • Liberty Market
    • Samanabad
  • Parathay of potatos & radish (Breakfast/lunch/dinner)
    • At Mozang Chungi
    • At Bhun pura bazaar/market, waris road
  • Goll Gapay
    • Infront of Jinnah Garden
    • Liberty Market
  • Pathoray
    • Liberty Market
    • Samanabad Goll Chakar
  • Haleem
    • At Regal Chowk
  • Ice Cream
    • Chaman at Bedan road, Regal Chowk (Rs.60/- onwards)
    • McDonald  Cone ice cream

(Above given costs are subject to change)




About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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