Women (Beautiful, Powerful, Neglected & a Hard working entity of the world)

Once Urdu Poet wrote in his poetry that world is beautiful due to the presence of a women otherwise there could be no charm for men to live. The presence and role of a women in this world is un-deniable. Role in form of mother, daughter, sister, wife etc has a unique presence & importance not only in the life of a men but for the society as a whole. But this beautiful creature has not only been ruin by the human being called men but also by her own relevant gender. The atrocities on this gender is not new but as old as the world is.   They were killed in the name of honour, buried alive, tortured, used for unethical purposes and means, left uneducated, barbaric attitude by men in form of husband or brother or father, rape etc etc.  Unfortunately, this behaviour is still going on in the present world which started since the beginning of the world. Even the western countries including Europe & USA loudly claim about their best behaviour & giving equal rights to the women but newspapers and research surveys shows some different information/stories about beating and regular torturing which is highest in the world.

Whereas if we see other side of the mirror and situation informs that women is a powerful entity, the reason in my understanding could be her role in a educated and urban societies where she is not only playing her part on the strong positions of the state/country like being a President or Prime Minister such as Angela Mercer of Germany, Benazir Bhutto of Pakistan, Hilary Clinton of USA etc, Margaret Thatcher of UK, boss of the organization, Doctor, Engineer, working on top seats of Government Administration, Head of Department, Professor in University etc. Religions and educated societies have given certain level of honour and treatment to the females. Open and broad minded societies are giving equal rights to them. The indulging and making females part of Pakistan Army, Air Force, Navy and police is an example of giving equal rights to the women in these well disciplined organizations. Now females are flying fighter aircraft’s in Pakistan.

I personally think that women are many a times hard working then males. They are working round the clock within their house and outside to manage their daily livelihood and to compete in every possible way.

Also, i think certain careers lines which women have chosen for themselves or are bound to choose due to some problems may be of non availability financial means have not only ruin their honour and dignity in the society but also have affected their life’s as well as their family life’s.

In Pakistan, women are more responsible (not all but many) towards their role. Women are not only managing their houses when their husbands/sons are outside, managing all events inside and outside home, attending events of their in laws and others, cooking food, doing jobs to help their husbands in managing the house expenses, managing affairs of children’s and their education load etc etc.

I am very proud of my mother who performed all roles in very valiant and excellent way. She was the Principal of school (had to manage all affairs of the institute), managed house affairs  along with my father, preparation of meals for the whole family, attended & managed all events inside and out side home (Social System is strong in Pakistani families), helped us in our studies in evening, had to take care of my grand mother and her own mother etc

Each area/city/village in the world has its certain different dimensions and role vary accordingly. Such as in Pakistani villages, females normally work either in farms/agricultural fields or only play a role of house wives and are not allowed to move outside, beating and abuse by males is common. They female children’s are hardly allowed to go to schools and presence is rare in colleges. Tribal belts and tribal areas with in provinces have worse situation then this. The situation is much better in small towns where females are allowed for education, can visit markets, gatherings but behind curtains or with veils not openness to all, doing in house businesses by preparing food items/clothes etc. But in larger cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and others, females have more freedom, educated, dominant, progressive.

The other element which is debatable and that is husbands are not allowing their wife’s to work any where (job) or start any businesses due to their reservation such as;

1. Females can’t been able to give full attention to their children’s and to home if they do job

2. Females get dominant after doing job

3. Husbands loose their grip and dominancy over wife’s etc

4. Home & personal life suffer’s

Where as it depends upon female’s that either they ignore their house and children’s or valiantly perform all tasks in a wonderful way even they do job or business.

Thinkable aspect for women is that why they feel un-secure in the society and why they depend on their men for all things. I ask all females that why they don’t use their shoes and will power if men harass them in any way either they are walking on streets or being tried to be raped like incidents happened in India or other part of the world.

God has given them all capabilities to establish themselves in the society and make their name by using their education & personal skills and less down their dependability on others.

About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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