Pakistan has awaken again on 16/12/2014….but for how much time?

On 16th Dec 2014 & at 10:30 am,  a barbaric act by the men of Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) & her affiliated organizations killed 140 plus innocent children’s at the school of Peshawar, Pakistan. They brutally killed 140 plus innocent students under the age of 15 years, mainly between 9 & 13 years. Most of the students have been hit on their head  so that their could be no survival chance for them and many on their bodies. Female teachers were burnt alive in front of the students. The killers which were seven in number were trained, brainwashed as well as they were so called Muslim’s shouting “Allah O Akbar” almost at every time during the brutal act. Picture’s of walls & roofs of the school are telling the horrific story of the  mass killing of innocent children’s. If Pakistan Army men wont had arrived, the magnitude could be more higher then any one have expected. The masters of the killers hiding close to the Pak-Afghan borders openly accepted the killing and said it is in accordance to the culture and religion Islam as they wrongly quote the evidences from books. They (planners of the incident) said that they have taken the revenge from Pakistan Army through this mass killings of innocent children’s because majority (but not all many were of civilians) of the innocent children’s were the kids of on service or retired Army personnel’s . Pak Army, conducting military operation in FATA is unanimously supported by the whole nation of Pakistan as well as by many nations such as USA against these banned and murderers outfits. Day of 16/12 is as same as 9/11 for Pakistan.

These killers have not only killed 140 plus innocent children’s but also killed their 140 fathers and 140 mothers. Just imagine the situation & love of a mother who gave birth to a child after facing pain and tough situation for 9 months, took care of that child for the next 12 or 13 years but then suddenly someone stole that whole effort of her in only 20 minutes.

Many people say that they (7 killers/murderers) were not human’s and YES they were not. Many also say that this act is not a muslim’s act who ever belong’s to the religion Islam and YES it should not be and a good follower of Islam never do or act like that as it is against the preachings  but unfortunately these 7 killers/murderers were so called muslim’s. These 7 murderers were so bloody coward animals that they didn’t considered a single element of forgiveness for the innocent children’s who had done nothing wrong with them. No one in the world can even imagine of doing such act with the children’s.

These bloody 7 killers and their masters have the same mind set as was present in the forces of Yazid at the battle of Karbala 1400 years ago against the grandson (Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S) of Holy Prophet PBUH.  Yazid & his forces were also so called muslim’s didn’t spared the children’s belong to the family of Holy Prophet PBUH  at Karbala like 6 months old baby Hazrat Ali Asghar, 12 years old Hazrat Qasim, 17 years old Hazrat Ali Akbar, 9 & 10 years old Hazrat Aun & Muhammad (son’s of Hazrat Zainab S.A) & many others. These all children’s were martyred and beheaded by the army men of Yazid. Many people argue & say that who (muslim’s) had not spared the own beloved grandson of Holy Prophet  PBUH & his family at Karbala, then how can they spare other humans even if belong to their own religion.

The persons behind these killings are not ashamed of the act and called it a revenge against Pakistan Army conducting operation against these barbaric and animals in tribal area’s of Pakistan. Condemnation is coming from all across the world but some fanatic religious figures who have got some sort of sympathy for the TTP men couldn’t said a single word and many are afraid to say. It has been confirmed that major funding to these extremist groups have been provided by Indian Intelligence Agency “RAW” to do any thing destructive against Pakistan. Army-Public-School-Peshawar-After-Attack-Inside-Video peshawar-attack-getty This act of extremists in Pakistan is not new. The killings by these religious extremists in Pakistan are on going since mid 80’s in the name of God and hatred against other sects or party. Many innocent’s have been killed in mosques, markets, public places. Many were targeted due do their positions in the society such as doctors, engineer’s, government officers, police men, personnels of Pakistan Arm Forces, religious scholars, teachers, professor’s etc etc. Many men, women’s & children’s of Hazara (Shia Tribe) were killed in Quetta, Pakistan by banned outfit (LeJ) and which is still on  going. Many Shia religious processions have been targeted due to the hatred factor lying in the hearts of these fanatics. Even these extremists killed their own teachers when those had publicly arose their voices against them & their brutal acts. These religious extremist groups do all type of criminal acts to collect money for their weapons such as abduction, kidnapping for ransom, robbery in banks etc in Pakistan. Currently, ISIS in Iraq are the part of these extremist groups and have the same mind set.

Political leadership of Pakistan selected since 1955 till now is responsible for the current situation. The destruction level was taken higher especially of national institutions by the government officials because of their negligence in provision of the services to the citizens. Political leadership along with government officers made wrong policies, looted the national money in each possible way and given nothing in return to the citizens and to the nation. They done nothing to control the fanatic religious leaders, even supported them for their own sake, no policies for the madrassas where education was mostly based on hatred material against other sect. Dictator General Zia ul haq (during 1979-88) made worst foreign policies like supporting fighters against USSR’s invasion in Afghanistan in the name of Islam & by allowing all types of ammunition to be manufactured and moved with in the Pakistan’s soil and to Afghanistan for Jihad, used the fanatic religious leaders, making current banned organizations and developing hatred factors against other sect for strengthening his own rule.

There are always the past factors behind which start and aggravate the future situation as written above. Unfortunately, current act of these extremists is a result of our past national & foreign policies.

1. Since the independence of Pakistan in 1947 from the British Empire, no one especially State Heads (Political Heads) given priority to resolve social issues of the Federally Administered Tribal Area (FATA) having nine agencies with more the 5 million population. They were deprived from education, health, basic necessities of life. So the local inhabitants of FATA who breed under the culture of wars, ammunitions, war lords were remain illiterate. No political official except Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto dared to visit FATA till now. What ever foreign funds came to them (Political Governments) for the social and moral construction of FATA were looted.

2. After occupation of Soviet Army at Afghanistan, Pakistan & USA used Afghan’s, local inhabitants of FATA and foreigners for Jihad (against USSR..Soviet’s) and after the departure of Soviet forces from Afghanistan, the Jahidi people fighting were left alone. The training camps established within the FATA at that time were not put off after invasion of Soviets, which were letter used by the TTP & other extremist groups. So many turned into killers/murderers for wages, tried & fought within themselves to gain their own power with in Afghanistan in form of groups because there was no such selected government existed with in Afghanistan after the departure of USSR.

3. Pakistan used and supported Taliban along with Gulf States to capture Afghanistan in the 90’s and when 9/11 happened, Pakistan changed the policy upon the emerged situation and the pressure by USA and with drew all support to Taliban’s. Again the people fighting for the Taliban especially tribal fighters from Pakistan were left alone and then they were used by Al-Qaeda and extremist groups. Local Taliban’s fight along Afghan Taliban made their own group with the name of Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan in 2007, showed their anger on the policies of Pakistani Government and started enforcing their own Islamic rules (which were not resembling Islam’s true picture in any way) with in FATA area and moving forward to the settle areas of Pakistan. Swat Valley is an example of that situation which was made free by Pakistan Army after an operation. They (TTP) were used by Al-Qaeda so that they can capture Pakistan and her weapons later to be used against West but Pakistan Army resisted and didn’t allowed them to implement their plans.

4. USA started drone attacks without proper permission of Government of Pakistan in the FATA area targeting Al-Qaeda leaders made the local people extremely anger in FATA and in other parts of Pakistan against the Government and Pakistan Army because General Musharaf was in power representing Army on top position. Then, when Pak Army entered the tribal belt to control the Tehrek-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and her affiliated groups in 2008, it resulted in the attacks on government and army installations in urban & settled areas of Pakistan.

Local people had no choice except to send their male children’s to the Madrassas (religious schools) which were & still mostly giving the free education based on hatred and on war fairs in FATA. India & some government faction of Afghanistan exploited the situation and funded these outfits against Pakistan especially to some groups of TTP & to Mullah Fazal Ullah to disturb Pakistan.

 Our Politicians & Govt. officials 65 + years actions/policies has resulted in the current killings of innocents each day in Pakistan

So, the shift of the policies again & again and then turning totally against the policies & culture have now shaped the situation into its worst shape. Illiteracy, wrong policies, negligence by political government’s have now have made problems for all Pakistani nationals. The extremist groups either armed or non-armed have never accepted the constitution of Pakistan and termed it un-Islamic where as the teachers of these fanatics were the pioneers in making the current constitution of 1973.

If any nation/country readily provides good education, means of earnings like jobs etc, basic facilities for life and Speedy Justice to her citizens can easily get rid of or stop that sectarianism or crime with in her boundaries or can limit it to just 10% to 15%.

These extremists have now crossed all limits and also have no value for human life and targeting children’s is a extremely coward act not been allowed by any religion. It is not acceptable for any government that their innocent citizens are being targeted and killed as been done by TTP & extremist groups.

Now, there are two ways either to surrender in front of the groups or to wipe them out from every single corner of Pakistan without any tolerance. It is sad to note that on the pressure of European Union, Emenisty International, and threats by extremists of Pakistan, Political Government banned death sentence/execution since 2007 which is why extremists/killers/murderers got courage and continued their game. Current Prime Minister of Pakistan had decided to revive the death and execution of culprits in 2013 but before the 23rd Aug 2013 execution day of 2 killers/attackers on the Headquarters of Pak Army, received  a threatening phone call from elements of banned organization that he (PM) along with family members and party members could be murdered if the execution happen (informed by Dr. Shahid Masood at NewsOne Tv Channel on 18/12/2014). As Prime Minister of Pakistan was frightened so he again banned the death sentence/execution.  

How a leader can protect the nation if he is frightened and love his won life.Now, upon the building pressure by Pakistan Army and by whole nation, ban on death penalty & execution has been lifted.

State power is the strongest power in comparison with any militant group and State is responsible to protect every citizen belong to any religion or cast

Unfortunately, political entities of Government of Pakistan are weak as well as negligent and only one institution i.e. Pakistan Army which is a disciplined and responsible institution can only provide safety and protection to the citizens of Pakistan which she is doing her best these days and hopefully do continue. Elimination of extremists from the soil, Prosperous and safe Pakistan is a guarantee of the safety of the whole world.

(the above written material is based on my own perception, may be wrong or right which you have to decide on your own way…..)

About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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