Pakistan’s National Institution’s Destruction caused by Politicians & Govt. Officials

Lust for power & seat is not new but old enough since Adam came in this world. With in the Islamic countries, fight for highest position (for a Caliphate or Prime Minister or Presidential position) has still not ended since 1400 years. Pakistan is one of the prime victim of such fight among its nationals, political parties and fight for the highest state position has destructed the economy, institutions and her progress.

General Ayub Khan used worst and un-ethical tactics to beat the sister of founder of Pakistan in the elections was one of the beginning efforts to destruct the national institutions and wrong use of government officials. Then, General Yahya Khan, Zulfiqar ALi Bhutto, and General Zia ul Haq captured the highest state positions and remain there till they were demolished by their opponents. Then in late 1980’s to 1999, when the real democracy shifted to the people through four elections till 1999 and after departure of the worst dictator (Genral Zia ul Haq) in the history of Pakistan, non of the political party or their leaders (Muslim League of Nawaz Sharif or Pakistan People’ Party of Benazir) tried to save and built the institutions but destroyed it further more.

Current long march (protests) on going in Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan) started from 14th Aug 2014 by Tehrek-e-Insaf (Imran Khan) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (Tahir ul Qadri) is an example of frustration among the people of Pakistan. Tehrek-e-Insaf is protesting against the unfair and rigged elections of May 5 2013 and Pakistan Awami Tehreek using the label of “Inqalab” to change the un justice system of Pakistan.It’s a good sign of democracy that people have the right to support their beloved leaders and parties and no one makes a hindrance in their love. But, one of the destructive element that i found among all of us (Pakistani’s) is that we love to put back all the negativities of our national leaders and parties and only consider them innocent even if the leaders bag is full of sins in their previous life. For example, We know that Nawaz Sharif, Benazir Bhutto & other leaders are involved in corruption, looting, they are non-tax payers but still we love them. Instead of developing the national institutions and letting them free to work under the rules, turning them into an honest mode and service oriented, but unfortunately leaders won the elections during 1989 to 1999 deteriorated the institutions and used them for their own means. Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif inducted their own people in national institutions especially in Police and Judiciary and used them for their own sake. Resultantly, when ever any of the political party (PPP or PML(N) or PML(Q) takes over the Government, those inducted without merit always bow their head for any illegal order and they are used to shun the voices of the opponents.

If the government institutions had performed well with in their sphere and with honesty, the incidents couldn’t happened in Model Town killing 14 by police and currently in Islamabad 30 Aug. So it means each institution of Pakistani Government need Loyal Officers like Inspector General Aftab Cheema to resist illegal orders”

In my point of view, Police & Judiciary are the two far-most and the first important institutions available for each citizen of the nation to get justice. Then comes the other institution responsible for education, health, food, transport which are the basic necessities of life. But in Pakistan, the first two institutions failed to give right and address the grievance of the citizens. A common citizen is reluctant to enter the police station with a fear that instead of addressing the grievance of him/her, the police would demand bribe and wont provide relief. Same is the case with Judicial System of Pakistan, where the cases are resolved after a decade or more or even after the life of justice seeker and it is not assure that decision by the court of law would base on justice or not. And when a citizen move towards other institutions for relieve he/she is treated like an animal unless and until the petitioner is backed by some high positioned interceder or by money. Bureaucracy in Pakistan consider themselves a king instead of being servant to the nation.

Democratic Government’s always appoint those CSP Officers at the highest positions of national institutions who easily and are ready to bow their head for each illegal decisions. For example, Tahir ul Qadri announced prayer day for the martyrs at his place but as Nawaz Sharif & his brother Shehbaz Sharif wont like him due to the old rids didn’t allowed him to hold such activity and police blocked the ways with containers so that no citizen could enter and become part of. The action taken by the police against the event was totally illegal to stop the citizens and following the illegal orders unless and until any miscreant create the situation. Same happened in the 14th Aug 2014 long march and protest events still going on where whole Punjab province was blocked so that no one can participate in the rally. These all happened because of some following factors.

1. Police High cadre officials are afraid that if they will not follow the illegal orders and wont show allegiance to the democratic government, they shall be transferred to the far flung areas of being made OSD.

2. Other low cadre officials don’t want to be suspended and not to loose the job due to the high power institution, position and only mean to survive.

3. Police officers/men inducted by ignoring merit always act and return due all the favours to the democratic governments.

In Pakistan, more then 70% High Court judges are selected from the lawyers somehow affiliated with any political party or were juniors to the current judges. These judges then give relief to their affiliated and beloved political parties whenever any cases arrive in their court of law. The rest of the 20% or might be less then that are selected from the lower Courts who came through a proper merit i.e. by giving Public Service Commission Exam in this judicial system. So, this situation gives you a major hint that judicial institution is performing for the affiliated political parties with no justice or delay in justice for the politicised victims. Non of the political parties or lawyer wings have done a struggle to abolish it because this favour them a lot.

In the anti corruption court of Lahore, more then 1000 cases of corruption of police constables are pending since 1998 and these police constables are withdrawing their salaries and doing job with any stoppage or action.

Institutions of health, education, tax, etc are of the same type. We have heard from the local inhabitants of the KPK province that KPK police have been cleaned from all political bondings and affiliations. It is good news but it is also important that government should also start infrastructure work to relief the inhabitants in their daily life.

Unless and until government officials start negating all the illegal orders of political government or of their higher ups, no change and relief can be brought up to the people of Pakistan.

About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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