Job Interviews for positions already fixed with special one’s (my experiences)

Interviews are the important part of a process for getting a job in any organization either public or private. Some get success on their once appearance, other keep on applying and giving interviews until they get the right success. Questions differ from organization to organization & person to person in an job interview. Some questions become reasonable and many create an awkward situation for an interviewee or job seeker. On many occasions, job seeker does hide truth and show extreme worth and skills for the position and sometime loose the moral on difficult situations. The situation becomes extra ordinary awkward and difficult to control for a candidate when he/she come to know that some one special is already selected for the post/position he has been arrived for the interview.

Some of my interview experiences are as below;

Interview for the position of Deputy Manager FA at LUMS

I was been interviewed for the position of Deputy Manager Financial Aid (FA) at a high ranking university of Lahore. When I was sitting among the candidates which were around 12 to 14 and majority were females, an officer of the FA Section came to a women sitting in front of me  and inquired that how you have been here?. The female candidate who also was an ex-student of LUMS replied that just in the morning i received a call from the  department for an interview. The dialogues between both of them gave me an idea that the position is already fixed and we all other candidates are here for fulfilling and support the basic activity about the process which they want to show and base on honesty and integrity. After two hours for waiting, a time came up when I was been called to move towards the interview room. There was only a single women sitting at the front as an interviewer. I was already fuming on the system where no one care’s about the merit. She asked me several questions and i was more blunt and honest on each one instead of using diplomatic answers because i knew that this position is already fixed for someone else. She asked me if i could render my whole life to LUMS and will not move to other organization. As i knew about the salary packages & worst incentives for employees of LUMS, I replied with a “Yes” answer, ” But I would render my whole life unless & until LUMS would keep giving me equal benefits”. She said what type of benefits you want to have because we are a non-profit organization. I replied that all benefits as been listed in the labour law, increase in the salary package according to the inflation rate each year, bonus, retirement package, extra hour work charges etc etc. She got furious on my answer and asked me that if these could not been given then?. I said that you expect from some one should serve his whole life for you, performing in a best way possible and in return he/she wont get the eligible benefits, how it is possible?. When she asked that what are your current salary and what i expect,  my reply increased the level of her anger. She suddenly replied that the salary ends on this certain amount for this position. I really enjoyed the interview and it was the first time that i was sitting without any single level of fear for  giving the interview because i was not afraid and had not lust for the position i was there.

However, i wanted to prove here that when you get a hint about the position for which you are trying and expecting is already fixed for someone else, then how your response towards questions at the interview turns around.

 Interview for a position of Producer at a National Television of Pakistan

During the initial days of my career, i cleared the written test for the only one position of Producer at at National Television Network and was among 4 candidates from my city selected for the interview. At the interview day, there were about 35 candidates coming all across the country. I saw staff members of television meeting one candidate one by one and treating him as he is there best friend. I as well as other candidates didn’t had the idea of why these all were giving him so much importance. A person sitting next to me said that it seems this candidate has some high connection or a previous employee. However, i went into the interview room upon my turn and started giving the answers to the five panel interview panel which included a well known celebrity which i  saw him in TV talk shows. They started asking me questions about my experience about media, theatre, etc and do you got any experience. I replied that” i had performed for school or university theatre plays but never had a experience with media channels and i think this is a starting position for fresh one’s as per the advertisements”. One person from the panel said that son you also got the law degree so you should try for Producer Current Affair position coming soon. I was assured from the whole discussion that this position is fixed for someone special. Same happened with other candidates and resultantly the person whom was given more importance was selected for the position as he had to.

(more to write…….coming up next)


About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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