Living in Posh (Status quo) area of City versus Living in Old City area

All humans have certain desires in their life for which they do struggle to full fill and many attain them with ease where as others wait for the right time or expire without attaining them. Living in a desired house, beautiful locality of the city is one of the strong desire’s of all humans especially of females.  There are certain merits and de-merits of living in posh/well structured area as well as of old/not well structured area of a city. The case to be developed here is that either someone may live in posh area or old, near by facilities like well equipped hospitals, markets, transport, schools highly matters for an individual.

Posh area means an area where much counted wealthy people are living with houses of more then 250 sq.ft, well built roads/streets, parks as well as with other facilities and certain rules for that area exists either in the form of formal laws or moral. The houses has there own privacy, no neighbour interferes in the matter of other even they don’t know as well as don’t want to involve in the personal matters of their neighbours. Even if some body dies in the adjacent house, they (neighbours) get to know when the family members bring out the dead body of a deceased person to bury in the graveyard. All this is happening in Lahore city posh area/societies. The facilities such as markets, hospitals, parks are either found in certain part of the area /society especially in well built societies like Defence Housing Authority (DHA-Lahore), EME, Bahria Town etc or otherwise these facilities lie far away from the posh area or house. Lets consider some points;

1. If the hospital is present in the posh area/society then it may not have the experienced doctors/staff, machinery, certain facility like for heart/cancer/kidney patients and even if they have all the facilities then it will surely be higher in cost.

2. Local transport facility is either not present in the posh area/society or if it will be there then far away from the houses and the person has to walk at least 2 to 3 km from his house to get it.

3. If the person takes private cab/taxi/Rikshaw to come to main city/downtown area then it will not only be a higher in cost but also take at least one hour. [We cannot make this assumption for those posh areas which lie within the main city like GOR, Mason Road, Shadman Colony etc]

4. The rates of products in the markets of these posh area are higher then that of rates in the main city or oldest area.

The people living in the posh area can easily afford and surely have the wealth to entertain themselves with any facility lie with in their area or not even costing them much higher. Each house has more then 2 luxurious cars (not older then 3 years) with drivers/shoufers, more then two servants etc. But it doesn’t mean that all are well in wealth, may be many living have not much money to maintain their status quo and they cat afford all.

It is seen that majority of the people living in the posh area of old city are either selling their houses for getting higher price (rates of these posh area properties within old city are higher due to closest to all facilities) , dividing the property among their children’s (like if they have more then 1500 sq.ft house and have 3 children’s then each be getting 500 sq.ft to built their own house), turning into commercial buildings (like in Gulberg-Lahore), making small houses and selling them (getting higher profits), and moving to high societies like in DHA etc. But still, whomever have the houses/property in Gulberg, Shadman Colony, Model Town, Zaman Park, near canal & adjacent to the Mall road of Lahore are enjoying all the facilities of main Lahore city (medical, markets, transport etc) and these areas within the Lahore will remain posh till incoming 100 years.

Lets discover the merits and de-merits of living in old area locations. The houses in old area locations of Lahore are of one marla to 100 marlas or more (i.e. only 25 sq.ft to 2000 sqft +), with streets in smallest width that either one car or two can pass on or only motorcycle can pass, almost all houses are connected with each other’s wall that you can easily hear what is going on in other houses (not in all cases), very close small grocery shops/markets & hospitals (public like Gangaram, Mayo, Institute of cardiology, Services, Sheikh Zaid, Jinnah Hospital, Gulab Devi etc) or private clinics/hospitals in nearby streets/roads and transport (cabs/rikshaws) is available for almost 24 hours a day. The inhabitants of the houses know each other and help each other considering as their moral responsibility. Fights among neighbours occur due to many reasons like if somebody have parked car/motorcycle in front of other house, thrown water/garbage in the street, loud sound of music coming from other house, etc etc. The outlook of the houses are either newly renewed or of old fashioned.

1. You can reach the emergency with in 5 to 10 min of any hospital by living in a old area of the city as compared to the Posh Societies.

2. High privacy in life is observed in posh areas then in old city areas.

3. You can move anywhere with in city by living in old city area. Whereas, you have to serve more time in journey by living posh societies located either on the edge of the city or fully outside.

4. Closeness among neighbour is found higher in percentage then other.

5. You can curb huge amount of your expenses like fuel.

etc etc

In Lahore of Pakistan, inhabitants are moving towards posh areas from old or closed/stretched/thickly populated areas with a reason that;

1. Have money/wealth to buy a house/plot in any society of posh areas

2. People are status concious

3. Social bindings like they have to marry their children’s and no good proposal is coming up due to the locality  of their houses

4. Family members are increasing

5. Quarrels between house members on certain disputes

Life in both sides have a hell of a difference. Posh areas have a clean environment with no hussle buzzle (Sounds of traffic or work) in comparison with old/stretched houses areas.

I have been living in an old areas since the age of eight, and once it was a posh areas with houses of more then 500 sq feet (and I still have that) but nearby houses were sold and people shifted to new areas, the houses of more then 500 sq feet turned into a small houses of less then 100 sq feet. The worst thing happened was the conversion of near by main road houses to a commercial entity (Car workshops, markets, in house factories). It is now difficult to move the car from main road to the house passing my the streets which got smaller in size and parked workshop cars. Outlook of the area is not well now especially for the people who are Status Concious. The benefits of living here is

1. Close to Hospital and medical facilities

2. Respect & honour by the nearby people because we have lived here for more then 70 years.

3. Close to markets

4. A centre place in my city and you can move to anywhere

5.  Close to the work place and main education institutes of the city

6. Public transport especially cabs etc available for 24 hours a day

7. Close to main parks and Government offices

etc etc

There is no denial that Posh & old/stretched areas of city have merits and demerits. If we are satisfied with any area/house with what ever the conditions are then for the sake of factors like status or other should not be moved from and disturb our life’s.

(Above written article is based on my own perception)


About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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