Valentine Day Special: Our minds…….either extreme narrow or extreme moderate

May be its a nature of a human being that it accepts those things which he/she consider appropriate according to the mind set developed under the influence of society, people, peers etc. On 13th Feb 2014 (before the day of Valentine), i was sitting with a married colleague asked him that how he will spend the valentine day with his wife?….he replied ” i don’t believe in this day and its not our Pakistani as well as Islamic culture”. This sentence of not liking/believing in the valentine day by my colleague is not new in Pakistan but been a representative of a lot majority which include males have spent more then 2 years of married life (either now fed up of their wife’s or love to have dominance over the females like a King do) or people have a certain mind set don’t want to think beyond a certain level, extremely religious, don’t have enough education, their brought up on a certain scale of society etc etc. Obviously if some one considers anything right surely going to have logic and evidence behind it but may be that logic of him/her don’t cross the 50% level against the logic of the person who don’t agree with.

Same type of hatred sentence  was been said by my university friend that celebrating valentine is not a Pakistani culture and its against our religion. Upon that i asked some questions & given arguments to him which he at that time unable to reply (same happened with my colleague he also didn’t been able to reply as well). I said to him that United Nations or world organizations have declared a day for each & every one such as water day, day for disabled, children’s day, mother day, father day etc so why not the lovers can celebrate a day. Lovers doesn’t means that we consider only teenage boy & girl in that very bracket but husband & wife or those who are engaged and soon getting married, or male & female (of all age & not married yet) are willing to spend whole life with each other as well as  they are serious. My second argument was that world famous real love stories of our own land of Heer & Ranjha, Sassi & Punu, Laila & Majnoo, Mirza & Sahibaan, or Sheerin & Farhad were neither European nor belong  to USA but were local inhabitants of Pakistani soil and they existed more then  200 years ago. My third argument was that if husband & wife share flowers as well as gifts with each other on a valentine day (one day) out of 365 days in a year in which they keep fighting is not at all a bad gesture but even helps them to put back all the hatred been created in the last 364 days and even this day take them far away from complete separation  which is extremely higher in percentage these days and courts of law  are burdened with the divorce cases. The other argument of mine was that parents are finding difficult to get good proposals for their daughters and sons. Even daughters pass their certain age in looking forward for having good marriage proposals and in most of the cases remain unmarried.

As I wrote in the earlier paragraph about the prime allegation that this day (Valentine) is an imported one and a baby of foreign countries but those who make this allegation use the foreign branded things without any fear and use foreign brands from wearing to full filing their stomachs.

On the other side, extreme moderates are another fatigue problem along with extreme fanatics for our society. Here you would see crossing of limits setted by the society. Unfortunately, extreme modernism playing a role for the destruction of young group. It is shocking to see the culture of wine/alcoholism, smoking, vulgar clothes (crossing the extreme limit), smoking along with the use of narcotics etc major in the upper upper class of our society and resulting in the breakage of marital life, increase in rape cases, involvement of young’s in criminal activities.



About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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