Un predictable human being’s life (Late Syed Israr Hussain Zaidi – Ex Inspector of Punjab Police)

A human being life is full of incidents in which not only he/she contributes but also a strong contribution by family members, friends, peers,etc and these incidents takes him/her to the death verge. And then when he/she expires, life become a history as well as a memory for those who know him/her closely or were partially in contact. Today (6th Feb 2014), i heard the sudden death news of 61 years old Syed Israr Hussain Zaidi (Ex-Inspector of Punjab Police), was a resident of Bahawalnagar, Punjab-Pakistan, had two brothers died before him. It is a shocking news because of many factors, one is that he was not so old, on bed due to leg fracture some days ago (hit by a young motorcyclist when he was crossing the road), met him about 15 days back, was not ill very well in health apart from his leg and a very good nature/helpful person.

I was in contact with him since my childhood days as he was a relative and lived in a room for about 15 years adjacent to our house. He always visited our home once in every month, cook food by himself, used to talk on issues especially on the treatment of his wife & elder daughter, his seniority case in the court of law & in the Chief Minister Punjab Office, family & political issues etc.  He served more then 34 years of his life in Police Service, a ranker (recruited as constable and ended at the position of Inspector), was a very kind person, extremely helpful,  was more frightened from thieves/killers so he opted to serve in the Forensic Laboratory (Finger Print Department) of Punjab Police Lahore, once faced corruption charges but court proved him innocence. He was extreme prodigal, neither saved a single penny in any way nor his provident fund received after retirement, kept his life under the umbrella of debt, extreme hospitable person. Whenever someone asked him for food or drinks, he had always full filed even in the time when his pockets were empty.

Whenever he used to visit our home only discuss regular fights/quarrel with his wife and even many a times pray for her death, also wanted to go out of town very far away from house so that family especially wife and daughter cant find him. Has 4 daughter and one son but was upset due to the behaviour of his wife and two daughters. From his perspective, wife & daughter demand money from him as well as think that he was & still earning a lot through bribes, wife considered that he waste money on others lavishly, didn’t saved a single penny. In my opinion both sides were equally responsible because he always serve much money on home & on children, their food (always love to eat chicken/mutton and hardly had love for vegetables), studies (he doesn’t know and never tried to know where and what his children s are studying due to a hate factor he had for his daughters especially the elder one). His wife purchased a new house in Lahore but initially he was unaware of and even till the end didn’t know that what resources had been used to purchased the house. His wife even didn’t allowed him to use the drawing room of the house which he himself decorated with all things and wanted to organize religious events in the room. Today (9th Feb 2014), the same drawing room (a large gathering was sitting) has been used for prayers for the departed soul of late Mr. Israr Hussain Zaidi.  

Once he was performing duty at Lahore City as Constable posted to capture the thieve from whom residents of the area were disturbed. He red handedly captured that person who was a teen ager and left him without taking him to police station because that boy was one side disabled and doing robbery to buy medicines for his closest family member

He once informed that in last 50 years of his life, hardly got ill except flu or cough and was very frightened from all types of illness. Eat desi hen (Hen developed in natural environment especially in villages), fresh milk and regularly walk.  He always purchase bonds for prize money with a dream that one day he would surely won a heavy prize which will end all his miseries and full fill the desires as same as he had won before of 0.5 million Rupees 15 years back (Fatimid Foundation). He valiantly lived his life in police had contacts with all cadre officials due to his good hospitable behavior, everyone in service or civilian giving him respect which is why Highest cadre official of Punjab Police had appointed two policemen for his care during injury. A good cook used to make Koftaas, Biryani and i always ask him to open a restaurant after retirement.

In the last days, he was getting a nominal pension, trying to get it equally with a package of DSP (Deputy Superintendent Police) which was his right and had filed the case for that and during its followup got injured. The day i met after his injury, he said ” I am disabled now, no chances of recovery”, I told him that he will be recovered soon and on his feet but he lost his hopes. Other factor contributed to his death was the quarrel with her wife and daughter in last 18 days since he got injured and was on bed. Before getting injured, he normally comes out of his house earlier in morning to save himself from the fight with wife and daughter and go back at late night. He always say “one day, i shall ran away from my house and will live somewhere else so that my wife and children’s can’t been able to search for me any where”. He already did the same for many a times and lived in other places. Now, wife of him regrettably said after his death “why he departed so early”. His son informed me that he was in good condition and talking to his colleagues before some minutes of death. They were all laughing by sharing old memories then suddenly Mr. Israr was finding difficult to breathe, took him to hospital but he died at the spot.

once he was sleeping in his room at night, a cat jumped over him and ran away he thought that it had been done by a thieve. He pulled out his official revolver (gun) and fired 3 to 4 bullets in the air and went back to his room, hide himself under the chair

How quickly and suddenly life of a human being ends is a very difficult and un-imaginable fact to understand. The dreams we carry in our life remain un full filled. The anxiety, disturbance of routine life and tension of house, from family members become a factor for the death of Syed Israr Hussain.

We normally get realized about the importance of a human being after his death.

The other purpose of above writing is to establish a case that how much lust for money, love or hate for other, hospitable personality, helpfulness, contributes in the life of a human being.

We should note that how suddenly life disappears especially the closest and good persons we are loosing day by day.

About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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