Bosses Vs Bosses……and…..Bosses attitude towards Employees/Subordinates

There are numerous kinds of bosses in the world. One boss is being found at home in shape of a wife from whom no human being can get rid off and other is being found in organizations/corporate’s. The corporate/organization bosses are either a good leader as well as supportive to their employees, also  many are leaders with harsh attitude towards the down cadre pupils. Many bosses lead from front and many put others on front end firing and hide themselves (means putting all blames on their employees). Most of the corporate/organization heads are ranker means they found the top place after serving many years at all low to high cadre position where as many bosses have been directly placed on the top position or struggled little a bit in their career. There attitude as well as behavior vary towards work and employees depending upon situation of work, time, commitment/assignment, experience, their brought-up etc. Most use the good traits in a positive way with sensibility for organization and some in negative too. As i wrote earlier that bosses attitude vary from organization to organization, employee to employee, work to work etc, similarly i have come across with many in my professional career mostly bosses of public sector. What i found or saw in the bosses will may not match or be similar with your bosses but here are some points on attitude;

1. Some bosses/head of departments have dual characteristics such as some are extreme harsh in attitude with very lower cadre employees to mid-lower level, not considering them a human being.  However, there attitude may be little a bit different with employees of middle or upper-upper ranks but harsh behavior was on rare occasions only on work assignments.

2. Some bosses/head of departments are extreme friendly with all cadre of employees and  their treatment is the same as they are treating their children s.

3. Some bosses/head of Departments of corporate/organization attitude changes with any employee according to the pressure they get from their top.

4. Some bosses give special treatment to the certain employees as they see them favorite and don’t take severe notice even on any mistake committed by them.

Many bosses depend and trust upon one or two favorite personnel’s of their organization for all assignments instead of the whole or on the persons specialized to do so. It is not because two or three are their favorite but due to the  worst professional response of specialized cadre in the past makes a pressure on bosses/heads to convert the assignment to the favorite ones. The other may be the bosses want some one to back up/defend in any case among the employees of the organization.

The response of public sector organization bosses versus private sector organization bosses in Pakistan is also different in some aspects but not much. Most of the public sector organization/departments are lead by the bureaucratic circle and few by the private sector (civil). Many bureaucratic heads (not all) only know the way they have to give order and want assignment to be done instead of  having a knowledge that what hurdles may be faced by their subordinates for completing the assignment having what so ever is its nature. It is amazing to note that the attitude of civilian heads  also convert in same lines as of bureaucrats after spending a time in their umbrella. Whereas, the heads of private sector organizations (most multinationals/global organization) cooperate with their employees for the completion of assignments, attitude is fair and friendly (in most cases), and render help but the negative aspect is that if employee doesn’t achieve the assignment may loose job in no minute. It doesn’t easily happen in public sector organization where employees has some what security given by rules. In the public sector (Government) organizations, subordinates get less chances of debate on any topic with their heads or cannot been able to negate what ever bureaucrats say or decide.

Once, i met an officer at the Provincial Head Quarters i.e. called “Civil Secretariat”, he said;

“Bureaucrats in Pakistan are kings and the real rulers then any elected politician. Whatever, they say, as an subordinate we have to act upon and we can’t argue over it. We only know one word “Yes Sir” and nothing more then that, this is the only way we are surviving in our job” 

I haven’t worked in a profit oriented company/organization but the following is based on my own perception. In Pakistan, the attitude towards assignments of bosses vary such as;

*Bureaucrats/Heads of Government organization/departments (Percentage: 70%  give orders from desks/unorthodox behavior, 30% provide help to employees/subordinates)

**Factory owners whom we named “Saith Culture in Pakistan” (Percentage: 80%  give orders from desks and fire employees with extreme harsh attitude (not all but of many) as well as less incentives/salary package are provided to employees, 20% provide help/favor to employees/subordinates in their task )

***Owners/Heads of Local Corporate’s (equivalent in structure as of global Corporate’s)…….(Percentage: 15%  give orders from desks/a little bit harsh attitude, 85% provide help to employees/subordinates  with good attitude and give good incentives/packages)

Many bosses work side by side with their subordinates and instead of pressurizing ease out it by rendering their help and in other case it doesn’t happen. Employees feel relax and comfortable with them and put more effective effort with inattentiveness in completing the assignment then those in pressure that they may loose the job if they wont complete within the time and as per the desire.

I saw  the love and admiration in the eyes of employees/subordinates for the bosses/head of departments (HOD) or of teams when they left the organization, died of any reason etc and even saw situations when the employees thanked God upon the departure of the bosses/HOD from the organization.

“Having a kind Boss/Head of Department/Team is an important incentive along with salary/benefits. Otherwise earning package in millions (salary/benefits) shall be of less value if the boss/HOD is unkind/absurd”

(The above written article and any figure is based on my own perception)

About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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