Servants & servants & Rights of all Servants

Servant word is not new, it is as old as human being and interestingly used for human beings then animals. Kings, Wealthy giants of societies, War Lords etc had a force of servants in their times as well as today. Some servant were bought for money, some started working for wages, some were made upon their capture in wars or fights but the purpose of all is same to serve their heads.

In Pakistan, there are many types of servants such as Public Servant  which also exist in almost all countries of the world. These public servants (High Government Officials) are almost considered as kings & Queens along with their family members in Pakistan having & enjoying all the utmost powers. Other comes  cooks, cleaners, drivers, runners (like in Army), maids, etc are found in the houses of wealthy giants or tribal heads as well as in the houses of upper middle or middle middle category of people in Pakistan. In the cities, they are paid handsomely or in a better way where as if you go out of urban areas especially in small towns, villages or in tribal belt, servants work as they are prisoners as their fore-fathers were, never been paid and only given daily food to survive along with facing extreme insulting behavior.

The purpose of this writing is to highlight the treatment received by servants been happened in Pakistan (who ever afford them or make them).

  • They cannot sit along with their Master
  • they have to stand on the back of their Master or in front of them in the style of beggars
  • Separate plates for their lunch or dinner and cups for water
  • Either low quality clothes or used clothes or even not been provided
  • Their (servants) value is equivalent to the value of aunts/cockroaches especially in the eyes of Tribal Heads, Wealthy pupil, War Lords, Agriculturists having huge agri lands, Bureaucrats, etc
  • Cannot get education
  • Have to work round the clock
  • Sleep on floors or servant rooms with a size of 10` wide to 10′ long (its a maximam size)
  • etc etc

These are just some examples abut the ways been treated in the country or in the world. Most worst case is that the children with the age of 4 to 15 work in the houses of all privileged class in Pakistan with a pay starting from Rs.500 to Rs. 10,000 or Rs. 0 (zero) depend upon the parents/uncles/aunts of the children and how much privileged families want to pay off. n Pakistan, parents of these children are responsible for making them servants because of poverty, greediness for wealth, to fulfill other obligations towards their long family having more then 10 members or even been born for the purpose of earning money. Many children run from schools even if their poor parents want them to study and get some status in the society and want to save them from the same sufferings but cannot been able to do so.

There are many servants being servant because their ancestors were the servant of same privileged class and they love to be. It mostly happens in Tribes where they are not only loyal but ready to sacrifice their lives at no cost, they consider it an extreme honor.

So a large portion of young breed of Pakistan become un valuable for the economic, industrial stability of the country.  Why this happens because all societal class in Pakistan want to have servants as they feel ashamed to work in their own houses, find it difficult to work because they are not prepared by their ancestors, want to have comfort upon the presence of these servants, it makes them belong to high class, take advantage of poor class etc etc. Same happens with the poor class because they need money, love to be servants, their ancestors were of same type etc etc.

About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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