Pakistan, USA and Pakistani Taliban

Some days back, top leader of Pakistani Talibans in Federal Administered Tribal Area (FATA) of Pakistan was killed by drone attack. Pakistani Taliban announced that they shall not do any sort of dialogue with Pakistani Government on peace. The top leader of Pakistani Taliban (Mr. Wali ur Rehman) killed in drone attack was very much in favor of peace talks with Pakistani Government but some sources say that USA didn’t liked it (peace talks) and killed him. There are certain groups with in Pakistani Taliban, some are strongly supported by India & USA like Bait Ullah Masood Group of Pakistani Tehreek-e-Taliban i.e. through financially as well as through ammunition and some groups are supported by Pakistan.

One Taliban group leader Mullah Nazeer was killed in drone attack by USA was a pro-Pakistani and many a times refused all financial offers by USA to disturb internal security of Pakistan.” by Zahid Hamid (Analyst)

It is very clear that India is supporting the Pakistani Taliban groups to disturb Pakistan even India has provided all financial support to the separatists in Baluchistan (Pakistani province). USA is playing a dual role, some way supporting Pakistani Taliban, negotiating with them not to interfere in Afghanistan or help Afghani Taliban,  getting help to kill AL-Qaeda leaders and on the other way killing those Taliban leaders and groups who don’t want to disturb or attack on any Pakistani city, Army men or has a very soft corner for Pakistan like Haqani Group or Mullah Nazeer Group. The question will always remain there Why USA is playing this dual role?

Pakistani Talibans emerged in 2003 in FATA of Pakistan considers themselves as strong followers of Mulla Umer of Afghani Taliban. Al-Qaeda was also on the back of Pakistani Taliban when members of AL-Qaeda took refuge in some areas of FATA after US & her coalition forces started operation in Afghanistan. Here in Pakistan, Pakistani Military forces started operation against Al-Qaeda and not only wiped them out in the mid 2000 but took heavy casualties. Still Pakistan Army is facing stiff resistance in FATA due to strong existence of Pakistan Taliban and 3 to 5 men of Pak Army are losing their life every day. All because of this great sacrifice by Pakistan Army, USA is safe and all burden of human losses (Pakistani common citizen & Pakistan’s Army Men) is over Pakistan.

There are numerous factors in making of Pakistani Taliban and turning a good citizen/human being of FATA into a terrorist/fighter. Such as illiteracy in FATA since inception of Pakistan in 1947, poverty, no jobs, no economic activity in FATA, no political entity of Pakistani Politics visited FATA except Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (in 1973), no government of Pakistan took interest in FATA development, strong tribal system, presence of strong islamic fundamentals in the area, Afghan vs Russian war in late 70’s (USA took special interest in that war and used space as well as the common citizen of FATA of Pakistan in helping Afghan freedom fighters against Russian forces), still prevailing of rules & regulation (Like FCR) of early 1900’s made by British Empire even after 60 years of inception of Pakistan (a sovereign state) etc.

In Pakistan, there are certain opinions regarding drone attacks and on the activities of Pakistani Taliban. Some political parties in Pakistan along with human right activist say that drone attacks by USA are illegal which they are as no other country has power & rights to infiltrate in any others country without her permission and it’s also against UN legal frame work for which all nations of world are bound to follow. Also, if drone attacks are killing Al-Qaeda or Pakistani Taliban leaders in FATA of Pakistan then majority of innocent people/children’s are killed by these drone attacks for which Ms. Benjamin recently interrupted President Obama during his speech. Recently, Pakistan’s Army Chief Gen. Kiyani said that the fight against Islamic fundamentals (Pakistan Talibans) is now our own fight as it threatens Pakistan’s own internal security and sovereignty. This message came when all Pakistani political parties were campaigning for their elections and using the slogan that drones should be stopped and Pakistan should come out of this USA led war since 9/11. There are certain factors resulting behind Gen. Kiyani’s message to the nation. Such as when Pakistani Taliban emerged, they were strongly used by Al-Qaeda to fight against USA & her coalition forces in Afghanistan and it was a plan of Al-Qaeda to capture Pakistan which is why Pakistani Taliban tried to take control of FATA agencies (there are about 9 agencies/regions fall under FATA like Khyber, Mehmand, North Waziristan, South Waziristan etc) as they did that before Pakistan Army started operation in all agencies one by one. Then Pakistani Taliban capture of Swat & her adjacent valleys of KPK province/state and famous Kohat Tunnel (just km away from Federal Capital Islamabad of Pakistan) which both were taken back by Pakistan Army in a grand operation. Still attacks on Pakistan Armed Forces installations as well as on Government installations are underway by Pakistani Taliban in many cities even all across Pakistan.

I asked one Pakistan’s Army officer that does Pakistan’s Army want to come out of this war and ready for a dialogue with Pakistani Taliban. He said it’s very difficult to say that because we lost our so many men even I lost my dearest friends/colleagues, recently one Brigadier my friend coming from Peshawar to Islamabad was killed in an attack by Pakistani Taliban, many expected Generals of future for Pakistan Army (brilliant Soldiers/Officers) are killed, so how we can ignore this and especially people of Pakistan, How can we led these Islamic hard liners/fundamentals to capture Pakistan and destroy it because they do not represent Islam, they don’t know about real Islam and they want to put up their own fundamentalist approach on a common and innocent Pakistani citizen like what they did in Afghanistan in 90’s. Now the message by Pak Army Chief Gen. Kiyani confirms some of it. It is also a fact that Pakistan Government/Army controls some of the groups of Pakistani Taliban or we can say that not all Pakistani Taliban are against Pakistan Army nor they do attack on her.

Pakistani people have ignored all threats of Pakistani Taliban when they had announced of attacks on polling stations on the 11th May 2013 national elections and vote casted were above 55% which is a new record since 1947. It means that people of Pakistan really believe in democracy and don’t want fundamentals/hard liners to take up Pakistan. It is also a fact that a large percentage of Pakistani people feels & believe that USA is responsible for all this what ever happened in Afghanistan and in Pakistan as well as in all the Muslim world.

Pakistan is an experimental/testing ground for all the nations such as USA, and even for some countries of Muslim world like Saudi Arabia & Iran where they facilitate sectarian groups in Pakistan who kills each other on the basis of hatred prevailing since 1400 years of Islamic history.

Unfortunately, we might see same type of war in Pakistan in near future (may be after 10, 20 years) as being going on in Syria where two sects of Islam are fighting with each other in the name of political grounds and where Gulf State’s as well as USA, European Nations, Russia are supporting their groups. Taliban and fanatic groups are trying to dominate Pakistan and her institutes especially Pakistan Army as many soldiers were identified as facilitator of terrorist groups when they attacked Army installations. Also, what ever militancy, terrorist acts we are facing in Pakistan are a result of the role played by our former politicians since 1950 till now who tried their level best to keep people of Pakistan illiterate especially of FATA, Baluchistan and made them jobless so who ever wanted to use this situation, use our own jobless & illiterate people for their interest and to take over this country whether fanatics or neighbor country (who always opposed Pakistan)  are succeeding.

Aggressive strategy & work is required to be done by all institutes of Pakistan (Pak Army, & others) that includes to play same role like of Hitler played in his time otherwise we will loose people & nation if this continues. 

(The above written words are based on my own perception)


About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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