Does Humans Breed/Cast matter ?

I remember a time of my teenage when i and my two college friends were standing near a door of video games shop in the evening, the owner of the shop stood by us and asked “Have you saw two young boys just came out of this shop?. We replied “no Sir”, he informed that two boys played video games at his shop for more then half an hour and went off silently without paying the charges. The next sentence he (Video Games Shop Owner) spoke which i still unable to forget was, “I think that those two boys who went off my shop without paying the charges belong to worst breed of humans and if they had belonged to the good families they have had paid the charges”.

The sentence spoken by the owner of shop had opened the door of so many questions in my mind and they are still in their position as well as unanswered in many aspects. I thought that the upbringing and training provided by the parents to their children was a major cause of what they had done. Obviously, upbringing either by parents, close family members or teachers play a vital role in shaping the behavior of a child. But soon after reading the novel written by Bano Qudsia named “Raja Gidh”, i found that the role and actions performed by the parents or by anyone from the ancestors of that child in their own life may also transform/transfer into next incoming generations and the new generation will also perform the same actions in their life and it will continue for ever. For example, if anyone from the parents or of forefathers have taken bribe in their job may result in the same way when new ones of their family will do the same in their life. The moral presented in the novel of Bano Qudsia is that the gene (we may called it an negative or positively transformed through their action in a life) of a human travels from one generation to another. Many of you will not agree with the above written philosophy but the actions of humans we see all around us will give you a strong clue what i wanted to say.

In Pakistan, the importance of human breed can’t be neglected especially in the eyes of our elder people either they belong to new era moderate thinking families or having old view thoughts. The thing which turned their brains to believe in it is their experience they got from their 30 to 50 years of life, before their turning to 30’s or 40’s they were not that conservative at all. Even i saw many moderate and highly educated families who have always preferred on high extent to marry their children in other families belong to good cast/breed or prefer even for their daily life relations. This may also depend upon other things like if a family is well off or other because we live in such a world where money and life style values more then any other thing in our eyes.

One question that always arise in my mind; “Almost every thing like animals, fruits, vegetables have more then one breed so does human also have more then one breed even we all are sons of Adam“???. Many argue that “No, we all humans belong to one breed and that’s all”. Many don’t. I read in a book that once a Caliph called a Saint/pious man of Allah Almighty in his court to inform him about the right points to know either the person presented in his court of law is Syed by cast or not (A noble cast of Islam, A person who is a Syed, meaning that his father is a Syed too is a direct descendant of the holy prophet (p.b.u.h). The case was that Government cannot deduct Zakat (An Islamic tax) on the Syed’s whole year income as per the Islamic law. But it was difficult for the Caliph & his team to decide the cast of applicant. The saint/pious man was also a Syed by Cast so it was suggested by minister of that Caliph to invite him which was approved. When Caliph asked the Saint to help him in identifying the ways that how can we verify the cast. The Saint replied that blood & body meat of Syed is Haram () on loin which means that loin will never eat any Syed’s meat or blood. The Caliph asked the minister that we should first verify the cast of this Saint according to his verdict and a loin should be brought here in front of this Saint. The whole Caliph’s court room was covered with iron wires and Saint was asked to stand in the center. One day starved loin was released from the cage but Caliph, his Minister’s and men present i the court room were astonished to see that loin took several rounds around the Saint and sat down near his foot instead of attacking him. The Saint sat on the back of loin and asked the Caliph that now you believe me.

Writing above story doesn’t means that i am showing the nobility of a cast etc but to solidifying my one point that God has given high preference’s to some human being for a purpose he know better then us. And our society especially Pakistani not only give honor to people of such cast because of their nobility even to well off people and expect that members of these noble families will never commit any bad deed or say a lie even.

I remember the lessons taught by our teachers and written in our text books that all human being are above in rank to other creatures created by God in this universe and one human being is equal to other human beings without any sort of difference. Even the last address of our Holy Prophet (PBUH) after performing pilgrim rectifies it that there is no difference of one human to another even in race, color, cast etc. But if we see the ways of living, actions and treatment of one human being with another in this world is many a times unbelievably negative in nature as well as harsh even bullish. God has made each and almost every part of human being very similar except height, color or posture which has surely some meanings for us to understand.

I think that not only a good training by parents, teachers, family members matter most but also some what family genes (Ancestors deeds/acts of their life) do effect in many a ways in their next generation’s life actions.


About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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