Where should a common Pakistani go?????

One day, my friend asked me to accompany him to Patwar Office at Muslim Town Lahore as he had to collect copy of official papers of his house. I knew the background, mindset, condition of these Patwari’s due to my past experience but it was the first time that I went to this office in Lahore. I thought this office may possibly be different from all other same office’s across Punjab Province of Pakistan due to its location in a major urban city i.e. Lahore, and a strong control of the bureaucracy  who are one of the big guns of Pakistan other then  two. But I was wrong,

“How can one office be different than that of other Govt. office’s, especially Patwari’s can be different from their colleague posted anywhere in Pakistan”.

When my friend asked for his one paper document of his house which he requested five days back through written application and submitted fee as ruled by Govt. of Pakistan, the old man around age of 60 or above with white beard, sitting on the floor (old Patwar System adopted by Govt. of Pakistan from British successors ruled over South Asia) said “You have not submitted fee”, my friend replied “ Which fee???, I have already submitted in bank and you have its receipt”, the old man replied, “ wait, let Patwari Sahib come, he will inform you about unpaid fee”. Patwari Sahib arrived and informed “the rate of house document (In Urdu language we call it “Fard”) is Rs. 5000/- only as our commission”, my friend and I were amazed on his demand, Patwari further said;

“This Patwar house has this fixed rate, You may check with other Patwar’s who are sitting next to this room have control over other areas of Lahore”.

That Patwari was an age of around thirty five only. This is just a single example of one Govt. office of Lahore and Pakistan; you can’t imagine the worst & worst condition of other Govt. offices. Now bribe is part of local culture of Pakistan and each person should move with extra money when visiting any Govt. office of what so ever problem.

Patwar’s, the corrupt department of Government of Pakistan and since 1947, no government been able to controll that. Board of Revenue, Government of Punjab had launched Land Record Project in Punjabwith the assistance of the World bank since four years back but unfortunately nothing has been done, no good result achieved and still the bribe culture prevails with he same intensity as it was.

What about other situations when a common man of Pakistan have to face ??. Every morning when you read up the local news paper or watch news on any tv channel, you could hardly come across any peaceful news. We really feel difficulty in breathing if we don’t hear any news on murders, religious extremism/fanaticism and killings of innocents based on hatred for sects, political figures & parties’ clashes, drone attacks, Taliban attacks, insurgency in cities, injustice by police & other Govt. departments, riots, corruption, devastation through floods etc etc.  Since the murder of first Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, no Government come to the expectations of a common citizen, neither by politicians nor by bureaucratic setup.


About ***** Azfar Abbas *****

My name is Azfar Abbas I am an MPA, a Development Sector Consultant & Operations Management Specialist. Worked with the IBRD (The World Bank), PIFD and international organizations. A Lahoree by birth, Taurian by Star, music freak, a writter, singer and a food lover from Lahore, Pakistan
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